Sunday, November 27, 2016

The owners of iOS and Android were quite different – Дейта.RU

November 28, 2016, 13:05, data. Scientists have determined the difference in behavior between the iPhone and Android devices. It is reported IA data.

the Theory about the impact of smart devices on the character of the owner is not proven completely, but the results of the research can be a grain of truth.

a team from Lincoln University and the University of Lancaster for two years conducted a survey of 530 participants in the study. Respondents – the owners of the gadgets talked about their smart devices and sensations.

as a result, found out that iPhone owners consider their smartphone as a status indicator, and are rarely humble people and prone to deceptions.

as for the owners of Android-devices, they are less likely to try to break the rules, at the same time they do not important status and condition. One of the experts of the research reported that scientists were able to develop a statistical model that helps determine how the smart device used by the Respondent by answering specific questions.


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