Monday, November 28, 2016

FAQ: How to unlock your Android smartphone? Six typical steps a Hacker

Sometimes disable lock screen on Android is not easy: the corresponding menu item can be simply inactive. The phone allows you to install another app to block, but disable it does does not. If you are faced with this problem and remove the lock really makes sense to do so.

  1. First look, not whether you encrypt your device or memory card. As you know, to unlock the device menu needs to be decoded.
  2. Check for an installed VPN connections. One of the conditions of his work as time protects the screen of your device. To resolve the problem, the VPN will have to be removed.
  3. Look in the menu “Security → device Administrators” and remove everyone who sat down there. By the way, the apps included in this list, just delete won’t work either. First you need to remove the checkbox, and then delete the app. Same with the lock screen: off jackdaws and try to remove the screen protection.
  4. When setting corporate mail it automatically goes into the device administrators, and requires the protection of the screen. Treated by removal of Daw and deleting all of these applications.
  5. If such functionality is provided by the manufacturer, it is possible to start in safe mode and see if you can remove the screen lock. If menu is available, then one of the applications continues to interfere. Program to find and delete. Safe mode is different from the usual that starts the phone without apps. It is activated on different devices from different manufacturers. For example, in devices Samsung when logo appears during boot you press the button the volume down and hold until it is fully started. At the bottom you will see a message about entering safe mode. If you have a tube of another brand, look for the user manual in the user manual.
  6. If nothing helps, only reset and restore factory settings. The consequences can of course be serious, but, alas, one of the most effective and trouble-free way.


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