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Why Linux user switched from iOS to Android? – Androidinsider (press release) (blog)


There are times that people became happy connoisseur of Android and now believes that this operating system has all that he needs, and sometimes vice versa: many years of Android user begins to look closely to the iPhone. At the time iPhone impressed by the improvements that he has gained over previous models. In any case, after the old BlackBerry, iOS – the platform it acquired model iPhone 3G – to show the user the operating system of the future. But since that time has passed the time, and it was just boring.


In the published resource Datamation note:« Why I Use Android over iOS »long-term Linux user Matt Hartley (Matt Hartley) spoke about the reasons that convinced him Android deem most convenient operating system of its smartphone. But earlier it was not a user of the OS. He had iPhone. iPhone 3G was purchased them instead of the old phone BlackBerry.

Because it does not use OS X, or Windows, and for Linux support for iOS is not implemented, it had to be used for data management libimobiledevice.

In general, he liked the iPhone 3G. Opportunities available to him enough applications, but the time has come and he has already got iPhone 4. The display is better, but the overall impression of the same. Gradually, he began to get bored with the iPhone.

The first thing that attracted him to Android, – the possibility of using home screen widgets. This simple function means that the user can receive an application without having to open it.

Another finding was Matt’s app AirDroid. This application allows you to largely control the phone from your PC – SMS-messaging, applications, files and pictures. AirDroid greatly simplifies the management of your smartphone. All these tasks can be performed via a wireless connection and this is a very handy feature.

Removable SD-card slots which gradually deprived of modern smartphones have become yet another advantage of Android for Matt. The user even has the option to move to a memory card installed applications. Furthermore, he prefers Android-based phone with a removable battery. This is not surprising, because such phones are four obvious advantages. If the battery has stopped working, you can change it, rather than the entire phone.

In addition, Matt pleased with the ability to customize on the Android almost everything – instrument dial and the exchange of SMS-messages, launcher, interactive wallpaper and much more.

This means that if the changes that appeared after upgrade the phone did not bring joy, you can return to your old settings and enjoy devaysom further. It is very important for those users who appreciate the ability to customize the look of the operating system of your phone according to your taste.

In addition, pleased him, and to use any microUSB-cable, the presence of the power saving modes, and the ability to install applications on Google Play through the computer.

However, there are some qualities that Android gives iOS. It is primarily concerned with the security of the operating system. The ecosystem of iOS – the garden behind a high fence. Apple has protected users from using software which has not been approved by it.

On Android, these restrictions are less stringent. For example, if a user is enabled in your respective option, you will be able to install applications not only from Google Play – he will be able to install any apk-package.

Android updates come depending on the operator. This means that the operating system, unlike iOS, is not updated for all users and all devices simultaneously. Apple provides an update regardless of operator. The Android-ecosystem of premium devices receive the update before the budget and it reduces the level of OS security.

Google is making great efforts to protect users from dangerous applications, but the process is automated and its performance is far from ideal. Occasionally bad application appear in Play. Apple investigates the application more thoroughly. But despite all these efforts, iOS 9 also has its own security defects.

Sam Matt says that he personally has never faced security problems either with Android, with any iOS because of the thoughtful approach to installing applications and The source of this software.

However, Matt believes that the Android – an operating system that is not suitable for every user. In his opinion, it is not for those users who are not interested in technology. He believes that the Android – for those users who want to more deeply customize their phones. A number of users of these settings is small, and they set the third-party distributions, such as Cyanogenmod.


However, here it should be noted that millions of people are perfectly work with Android-device, without delving into the intricacies of options and customization, and for them to transition from Android to iOS or vice versa will not cause any emotion. Despite the variety of customization options, notes and valued by experienced users of this great operating system, many people like Android because of its simplicity and ease of getting the daily joy of their devices.

Whether there was Android ecosystem less attractive since ceased as a flagship smartphone equipped with memory card slots and a removable battery?


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