Saturday, October 31, 2015

Google displays the Android OS market for computers and notebooks – Business Petersburg

Google plans to integrate Android and Chrome OS, and in 2017 to bring the new OS to the market of computers and laptops. Android in a few years the industry has absorbed the mobile device, and now Google is going to use it to oust position Windows. Technology, Apple, Microsoft

Google Chrome OS will unite and Android in one project, and already in 2017 a hybrid unified operating system will be available to users notebooks, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing its own sources. According to preliminary reports, Google plans to give a new name as the operating system, and a series of laptops Chromebook.

According to the plans of the corporation , Chrome OS will be the division of a separate part of the project Android. At the same time users of computers and notebooks on the new operating system will have access to applications from the Google Play Store, which is now available to owners of Chrome OS selectively.

According to sources the newspaper ” / span>, with the development of new operating system Google has made a bet on developers who will create a program of universal type, operating in different variants on all possible devices. And a similar approach, Microsoft demonstrated in October at the presentation of new gadgets based on Windows 10.

The new hybrid operating system , on a plan of the company, will be installed not only on smartphones, tablets, and on the set-top boxes, smart watches and, of course, on personal computers. According to analysts of the newspaper the head of the search engine Sundar Pichai, commenting on the merger of the corporation projects, “the future of mobile devices is in merger desktops.”

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