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Select an application to share data between android-device and PC: Zapya, as well as the results of the review of the application 6 –





Over the last two articles, we have considered the application allows you to share photos, music, documents and other files between your computer and mobile device. And now we are ready to summarize, but we still had another interesting program – Zapya.

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What do we want from the utility for exchanging data between smartphone and PC? Perhaps the simple and clear appearance, a sufficient number of functions and some “free”. All of the above are in the program Zapya, which we consider below. A complete material traditional debriefing.

Recall that in the first survey in this series, we overlooked the two giants – AirDroid and Xender . And our предыдущий overview was dedicated to a number of utilities like SHAREit, Portal and WebSharing. The first was very confusing and functional, the second outrageously simple. Well, and the third allows you to simply replace the USB-lace wireless network.



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Agree, nice to have variety. Something did not work for one program – another suit. Not suitable Xender – check on Zapya. Applications are very, very similar, but differ in design and functionality, in favor of the latter.

Main features of the application Zapya:

  • A free program with a stand-alone network for exchange. Transfer files without having to connect to the Internet and Wi-Fi.

  • Unlimited possibilities for the transfer without cable. Send files from your phone to another phone (between Android, iOS and Windows Phone), from your phone to your PC / Mac with no cable.

  • Transfer any file, any size. With Zapya can transfer all files, images, music, videos, applications, pdf and other files

  • The amazing transfer rate. 200 times faster than via Bluetooth (speed depends on the equipment and the environment).

  • Group exchange. Simultaneously supports up to 5 mobile phones and 64 computers.

  • Data transfer. With Zapya can easily copy and transfer contacts, messages, applications and other files from your old phone to the new.

Getting Started


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Once the first run Zapya we talk about the main benefits of it. And they are the access to a PC and gadget-based OS.

On the next page accentuate our focus on interactive games that you can play with owners of other devices, however, is nothing like the application and I have not seen. Well, then, by tradition, we offer login via Google+, Twitter or Facebook.

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Once all the manipulations we get to the main menu Zapya, is still painfully familiar to us already considered utility Xender. The main screen is presented in the form of a menu that has a horizontal scroll and sorted by file type, that is, “Applications”, “Gallery”, “Video” and so on. In addition, it presents the tab “History”, which displays all of our actions with files.

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 Mark files or more, and send them. In automatic mode, a group for sending, have to wait for the connection to our group destination. The process of transferring files, you can start in reverse order, starting with the creation of group.

To connect to a PC, you must install the program with the same name. There is a version under the OC Windows and Mac OS, unfortunately, the version for Linux, as well as a web service, no. Load distribution, install – everything is easy.

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Zapya computer differs incredibly utilitarian interface. We can connect to a mobile device, send him a file or get it. You can also write a message to any connected device. This, in fact, the entire functionality of the application and ends. Access to the root system of the smartphone we do not get, and video files will not be able to view, download only, and even then, only the ones that were sent to us.

Now try to transfer files to other mobile devices. It supports not only the gadgets based on Android, but iPhones, aypeda and even smart phones based on Windows. The connection is made the same way: on one device group is created, and the second gadget is connected to it. It is not necessary to have two devices, there may be three, four, or even more (smart phones on different operating systems, computers, and so on).

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Once the above manipulation, we can exchange files between mobile devices. We can communicate through the built-in chat and send each other various notifications. From unusual I noted transfer function applications. For example, we are interested in, select a game, do one click, and it is already on our device. And if you activate the corresponding option in the settings, and install the application automatically.

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But that’s not all, as they say in advertising. Zapya has another “killer” -fishku – the transfer of data between devices. When buying a new phone, we necessarily transfer contacts, favorite songs, videos and pictures. Of course, this was all before – now there is a cloud synchronization and other things. But they are not always available and work the way we want. Here in this case, similar function and need.

is matched two devices, select the function “transfer data” indicates the phone and went as a new automated process. After that, the new device will transfer all files, including photos will be video, audio, and applications.



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Zapya has many parameters to configure, but they are more than ordinary. Because of the unusual and very useful to note the automatic installation application immediately upon receipt. Connecting to your device can be password protected, and even set your own name to the network name.



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With the capacity of the program Zapya I did not have any problems. Transferring files is carried out properly, communication breaks have been reported; charge the battery and RAM application is not pereizraskhodyvaet.

The only thing which could be a problem – search for devices to connect. In contrast to all the applications considered in this program, we can set the sensitivity of the search. An increase of the indicator device search will take longer, but the destination is certainly there.



At the beginning of the review, I compared with Zapya Xender. Did so, the application is very similar, but only superficially – on the structure of the interface. But the design elements and, of course, function in other applications already. The taste and color, as we know, no friends, so the appearance of the programs we will not discuss. But let’s talk about functions.

Zapya has no web service for sharing files necessary to install a special application. It is not very nice and little functional. Against this negative points to an end, and nothing will prevent us to exchange files between computers, smartphones and tablets.

 The application allows you to send and receive files of any format, without any limitations on speed and, in fact, problems. Special attention deserves the function data transfer from the old to the new smartphone, music player, group chat between connected devices and other “buns.”

It is noteworthy that Zapya free. The application is not paid version, but as a fee for use, we will periodically receive messages with advertising applications. They come infrequently (twice or three times per week) and almost do not interfere.

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Skachat Zapya for android-devices from Google Play

Go to the official site to download the PC version Zapya

Developer DewMobile, Inc.
Cost Free.
Requirements For OC Android 2.2 and later.


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