Friday, October 9, 2015

One of the creators of Android relies on artificial intelligence –

The involvement of Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) to create one of the most popular operating systems for smartphones makes listening to his forecast, reported by the site Engadget. First of all, looking back, Rubin believes a critical decision to make an open Android platform. He does not like the word “segmentation”, he prefers to believe that Android gives users more choice in terms of the technical characteristics of the devices.

However, the popularity of Android poses a risk in terms of deterring competition. If Apple and Google will indefinitely control the majority of the market of operating systems for smartphones, such a duopoly will hold back progress. Reciprocate the actions of competitors will be synchronized and symmetrical, nothing goes beyond the scope of this “conditional sufficiency” will not be offered. By the way, Ruby pleased with how Microsoft is promoting its platform in the smartphone segment. Even the decision to give the Office application users iOS and Android platforms, the creator of the latest finds wide, encouraging gesture.

The next important step in the development of mankind Andy Rubin said the spread of robotics and artificial intelligence systems. According to him, the robots will soon penetrate all spheres of our life. And for the “intelligence”, they will appeal to the “cloud” system. Now Rubin directs incubator Playground, which provides financial support to young companies creating innovative devices. On the same place of work in Google porukovodit he managed projects in the field of Robotics Corporation, which explains his belief in this segment of the industry.


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