Friday, October 2, 2015

Billion Android-smartphone hacked song – Dni.Ru

More than a billion smart phones around the world running the Android operating system are under threat of hacking. How to assure the experts in the field of mobile security, “infect” gadget you can with just one song.
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The company Zimperium discovered a number of new “holes” in the operating system Android. They threaten more than a billion devices running on the operating system from the company Google . The biggest gap was called Stagefright 2.0. This vulnerability is activated when opening a specially crafted file in MP3 and MP4.

The fact that hackers learned how to embed malicious code in files directly record the most popular formats. As soon as a user include “contaminated” the song on your gadget, cyber criminals can get their hands on control of your smartphone. In particular, we are talking about all the files, credit card numbers and the possibility of sending SMS to premium numbers.

Let’s remind, the first version of the system bug Stagefright experts called the most dangerous vulnerability for Android-smartphone. To crack almost any gadget OS from Google, attackers was enough just to know the phone number of the victim, and then send her to MMS message.

According to experts in the field of mobile security, Google has been informed of the occurrence of Stagefright 20. Update the system promise to release October 5th. His first owners will be able to download the Nexus-devices.

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