Friday, October 30, 2015

Google will take Android on a computer? – Mail.Ru

As the WSJ, Google is going to have in 2017 to release a new, unified operating system for mobile and desktop computers – Android, which will incorporate the Chrome OS. According to sources, The Verge, such plans in the company really is, and demonstration of a new product (its earlier version) is planned for the Google I / O 2016.

As explained informants, the search giant plans to work with the computer to those produced notebooks with Android. One of the main features of the new OS will be the emergence of Google Play Store on your PC. Now developing Chromebook (laptops with Chrome OS) will be renamed to more accurately match the name of the new operating system.

A wave of rumors turned out to be powerful – Google responded to the information explaining that by Chome OS no plans to give up. The newly appointed head of the directions Android and Chrome Hiroshi Lokheymer (Hiroshi Lockheimer) said in a Twitter-account, now on the market already have a large number Chromebook, he even bought a couple for their children (devices are popular in a number of educational institutions and often attract the end-user low price):

Given these statements, it can be assumed that Google still continue to work on Chrome OS, but wants to attract manufacturers to build notebook and with Android inside. Suppose now it seems a little strange, some hint of such gadgets we’ve seen from Google itself in the face of Pixel C. Yes, now it is a tablet with a keyboard dock, but the form factor and “productive” accessory hint that the search giant is getting crowded on the mobile market, which has belonged to him for more than 80%. Apparently, the company decided to try his hand in the field and laptops. How much it will be able to accommodate this Android or any other product we can find, according to sources, in the next year.


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