Friday, October 9, 2015

Kaspersky Lab: Android-app stole hundreds of thousands of accounts, “VKontakte” – BBC News

The company’s specialists “Kaspersky Lab”, dedicated to the development of anti-virus solutions, revealed in the Google Play store malicious application for listening to music “Music VKontakte” who kidnap user accounts on a social network. According to estimates, “LC”, its victims could be “hundreds of thousands of users of Android-devices, mainly from Russia”.

“… The program containing malicious code, but users were not even aware of it, because the application is working properly and to fulfill its primary function – Plays record from the social network, “- said the” LC “. The theft took place at a time when users connect their account “VKontakte” to the program, indicating your login and password.

Having seized account, cybercriminals tend to add it to the group they belong to,” VKontakte “. Also, there were cases when the attackers changed, “changed the password and the account used for their own purposes”.

The Trojan has been removed from Google Play. “However, it was already at least the seventh version of the application, and it is possible that the attackers on it will not stop” – warned in “LC”.

Owners of Android-devices, set “Music VKontakte”, experts strongly recommended as soon as possible to change the username and password of the account on the social network. To prevent unauthorized access by representatives of “VKontakte” are also advised to install applications only official of the company and enable two-factor authentication.

Source: Press Release “LC”


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