Thursday, October 8, 2015

Google Now on Tap – the main weapon in the fight against Android Apple – Androidinsider (press release) (blog)


Yandex and Microsoft are trying by all means, but to date, few people seem to be an attractive prospect to Android smartphone without service from Google. Meanwhile, it is thanks to the efforts of the company’s Android is becoming smarter. All innovations Android 6.0 pales without Google Now on Tap, and many call this feature “nuclear weapons” against Apple and its iPhone.

The new Google Now combines the talent search engine and its services. If you are already resigned to the fact that Google knows everything about you and, perhaps even more, follow each step, and uses this information for various purposes, in this case with Android 6.0 Google Now may be your indispensable assistant.

What is remarkable is that Apple with its reverent attitude to the personal data of users today can not do anything to stop the new Google Now on Tap. Their voice assistant Siri has a much more modest data about the user, while Google Now is able to take the information even from your letters and messages to organize the work of your smartphone and services Google.

Joanna Stern from the Wall Street Journal which sees the future of the new features Google Now, described her experience of using the service as follows. She read an article about Hillary Clinton’s speech in the TV show. Google Now offered her more about Hillary, including its links to pages on Twitter and Instagram. Continuing reading the article, Joanna asked Google: «How old is she,” to which the search engine said, “Hillary Clinton 67 years.” And it works well in the case of third-party applications.

With Google Now on Tap for Android smart phone is transformed into a personal assistant, which do not need to stand on ceremony. He will suggest what might interest you. This technology, which Apple today is nothing to beat. Though they go in this direction, Google two steps ahead.


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