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Select an application to share data between android-device and PC: AirDroid and Xender –





Android – an open system, so we have full access to the device. This allows not only to “dig” in the system files, and load some data into a mobile gadget, and manage them.

Most people are often dumped music, photos, videos and other files to your smartphone and tablet, but do it with a USB interface and Bluetooth connectivity, at least, illogical, because we have high-speed Wi-Fi connection . Continuing the idea, it turns out that there must be a corresponding application, allows you to exchange data between the android-devices and PC via LAN or Internet. That is their choice, we are going to do.

Let’s start with the two hit until the application and look at other programs later.

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The first and the main thing in our list is a “veteran» – AirDroid. Very functional utility that allows you to connect via Wi-Fi and mobile network, share files, and get most of the features of your mobile solutions via remote access.

No less interesting was a program called Xender. In addition to sharing all kinds of files from your PC, it also with other smart phones can work.



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When you select an application to share files between your smartphone and your computer is very much appreciated the simplicity, the overall clarity and consistency. All of the above, as well as more features and functions presented in Appendix veteran named AirDroid.


Key features of the application AirDroid:

  • Files: Transfer files between your Android device and your PC via any network.

  • SMS: sending and receiving individual and group SMS-messages.

  • Mirroring notifications: Mirroring from your phone to your PC from any notifications of selected applications.

  • AirMirror (beta): complete control of your Android device and use any application – such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Line (Root-needed law; AirDroid only on Windows and Mac)

  • Contact: view and edit all your contacts.

  • Photo: transfer photos between your Android device and your computer.

  • Music and Video: Play and control music and video on Android, and transfer them between your Android device and your computer.

  • Ringtones: the choice of music as a ringtone and exporting ringtones.

  • Screenshots: preview screen Android devices in real-time, static screenshots (required Root-right).

  • Applications: import and export files .apk.

  • Camera: The view through the front and rear camera.

  • URL: opening URL, introduced in Android, by default browser.

  • Clipboard: Sharing the contents of the clipboard between your Android device and your computer.

* Access to functions may depend on the client platform: Windows, Mac, or Web.

The benefits of a premium subscription AirDroid:

  • Unlimited file transfer

Unlimited file transfer via remote connection.

  • Large files

The transfer of large files via remote transmission, 1GB through Windows & amp; Mac and 100 MB via the web.

  • Transfer folder

The transfer of file folders using AirDroid on Windows & amp; Mac. (for local connection)

  • Support for multiple devices

Connect up to 6 devices in one account.

  • Remote Camera

View a picture with the camera Android-based device.

  • Catch intruders

Get photos of people trying to unlock your phone.

  • Priority support

Your request will be transferred to the top of the queue to provide poddezhrki as quickly as possible.

  • Advanced Features

Remove advertisements. Dials remotely via the web and talk on the phone.

Getting Started


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Once run AirDroid first time we will talk about all the benefits of the application, to be exact: the launch and the AirDroid on virtually all operating systems, the notifications on the desktop of our PC, transfer files, and wireless access between the mobile device and the PC. Then we offer come in and register, or simply go to the program, putting the registration process. By the way, the registration process as simple as possible, and there is easy access accounts through Google, Facebook and Twitter.

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Once all the operations we get to the main screen, which displays an address to go through a computer scanner and QR Codes. In addition, the following labels are located features and capabilities of applications, mixed in with them are icons links to promotional applications.

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Among the functions AirDroid we are able to transfer files between mobile devices, “chatitsya” and so on, of course, that the recipient must be running the same program. Even in AirDroid built “accelerator”, “Internet Tethering” and “Antitheft”, the first application does not cause interesting, but about the “Antitheft” will be discussed later.

Well, we finish with mobile gadgets and go to the offensive – you connect your smartphone to a PC. For this is as much as three ways, each of them, we need to connect to the Internet and local Wi-Fi, in particular. Firstly, you can simply go to the URL address to a computer and verify access from a mobile device. Second, you can go to a web page «» and scanned using a QR code application. And the third option – to download from the official site distribution AirDroid PC, install it, and then go from your smartphone and your computer in the same account.

What to choose? For each scenario, the use of any suitable methods and, most importantly, that the options are there. It is logical to assume that the first and second ways to help with the rapid exchange of files, but the third option is ideal for the home computer and has enhanced features in the form of pop-up alerts to your mobile device right on the screen of our computer.

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Once connected in any way, we see a working screen with various functions. In the right part there is a window with useful features, the type of access to mobile clipboard, and another menu display useful information about this gadget.

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We can go to the address book, view contacts, edit and correct the call. The situation is similar to SMS-messages. You can also listen to music, view pictures and movies, as well as to take screenshots, set ring tones and cameras to monitor a mobile device (take photos and record videos). The latter option was too interesting. Naturally, we have full access to the file system gadget can upload / download files. Speed ​​file sharing depends on the capacity of our network and the mobile device. The free version AirDroid imposes a restriction on the transfer of files – up to 1 GB on the local network, and up to 200 MB when you connect via the mobile network.

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Especially interesting is the feature “Find your phone” – Antitheft, speaking the language of science. To use the function, you must activate the option on your phone and allow the application administrator rights. After that, we can look for our mobile device over the Internet. We will see the location on the map, and will be able to make a call on the device, turn on the “intruder” and “Lost Device”, and delete all data from the gadget. Indeed, a good thing, and even in combination with a good program to share files!

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Since all the functions open additional windows, and we can listen to music, and the camera monitor, and share files. Comfortable and functional, the more I have nothing to say.

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By the way, here and so looks a notification of an incoming call. Right from the computer we can see who is calling us, and we can take a call, mute, reject a call, and so on.



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Once AirDroid setting, you can simply use the app and forget about the settings. The application parameters we can change the name of the device, including encryption and notification service, to add a running program icons in the “status bar”, the sound and so on. Out of interest we have a power-saving mode that disables the unit from the compound after the screen turns off.



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In principle, there is no problem AirDroid. The program improves and develops, at the moment to evolve right up to the third release. Connect, share and use – solid five! If someone, and there will be some connection problems or low download speed, then all the problems in your network.



AirDroid – universal application for sharing photos, music, video files and other files to your computer. At the same time, the program not only fulfills its function – file sharing, but also provides access to a mobile device from a PC. Naturally, all the Undo function.

But on all the above developers did not stop there. From version to version of the program added more new features, so to have a good AirDroid “Antitheft”, “accelerator” and many other “bells and whistles”.

All the functional and cool – so for the money? Free version AirDroid quite usable, but a premium subscription application has a set of privileges. If you pay $ 1.99 per month, then we will be able to transfer an unlimited number of files when you dial up (when the computer and the mobile gadgets are on different networks), will be able to transfer files and folders weighing more than 1 GB, and much more.

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Skachat AirDroid for android-devices from Google Play

Download the distribution of the PC version from the official website

Developer Sand Studio.
Cost Free.
Subscription: $ 1.99 / month, $ 19.99 / year.
Requirements For OC Android 2.2 and later.


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