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Android 6.0 «Marshmallow»: a review on the merits – (press release) (Register)

The new version of the mobile operating system Android 6.0 has already rolled out at the device Nexus at the moment. Smartphones sold by Google , expected received them among the first. Other Android smartphones will be updated in the coming months. But what awaits us in the “zephyr” version of the android? Read the review of the Marshmallow , for what it is.

Unlike the Apple , Google has worked on a new operating system is not so much externally as internally. Many of the new features designed to make life easier for developers and users to customize their gadgets allow more individually. Do not forget the company and about its own web browser Chrome, which promises to be the best browser of all times, and picks up the default.

Android has become smarter: Google now on the desktop

in Marshmallow function Google now He added directly to the desktop. This digital assistant now costs the default search engine, and it is worth saying «Ok, Google», as it is activated.

Android 6.0« Marshmallow »

And the search engine has added some additional conditions for its queries, which allows you to scan more likely to find exactly what you need. How it works? Well, you turn the Google now, for example, searching for the film. Prominently displayed on the screen pop application links to the Internet Movie Database (if installed), “Wikipedia», YouTube (by default), and so on. And they give out information on request. And if you, for example, are looking for information on your favorite sports team, you get links to player profiles on social media, and the official website of the team will show the first upcoming game, the city and the stadium where it will occur. It adds a lot of clarifying details. And even if there is no specific information on request, the system still will give all that is more or less similar in meaning, or has something in common with the request.

The ultimate goal of Google now – to respond directly to a question such as “How much will go to the film” Martian “in the nearest cinema to me?” and it will answer without hesitation, knowing the city and your disposition, and schedule next film shows. This is another level of intelligence of search engines.

Android longer: test Doze

Doze is a new technology for saving the batteries on the device . She Battery Saver. It is a program that all costs save the battery, removing unnecessary background processes and closing the application and notice that you are not using. Moreover, there is a mode where no notification to you just will not come if you do not want. But then the phone will fall a lot of messages as soon as you touch.

In general, the thing is interesting, customizable and easy to replace the application to clear the cache, and other third-party applications from different manufacturers.

Android 6.0« Marshmallow »2

You can ignore the program, but it does take care of the battery. Amazingly, over the phone the night with her can lose only 2-3 percent of the charge that absolutely amazing for a smartphone or tablet. Doze almost Putting your smartphone in sleep mode, but you will not miss an important call.

The basic user settings in the new OS related to access to the camera, microphone, contact list. No one will get in your phone, even accidentally, as the phone knows how you prefer to record video, and twice asked you whether this record it on the microphone or read SMS. Moreover, allowing access to your personal data applies to a particular application, who are often asked when installing the default access to your social media, information and photos. Everything you do not want to be seen, not see, do not get it. This is the new security system on Android 6.0, and we hope that when you install branded skins from different companies over pure android, this function will not go away.

Other changes and tweaks

The volume control and “silent mode” finally brought to mind in the new OS. Pressing the volume of hardware affects all systems, media or alarm volume, and not just on any one option. That is no longer such a system, as in the Lollipop, when you remove the volume on the application and the phone immediately cheered incoming call, since it acts quite another slider. No, now you can show all three types of volume on the screen simultaneously and influence them at the same time.

Priority mode remains, but now it is easier to understand than it was in Android 5.0. Pressing the “do not disturb” in the “Quick Setup” allows you to choose among the modes “silence”, “vibration”, “alarm only priority” (the latter means that you will hear only your selected contacts, and applications, and the rest all will be removed sound) and “total volume.” You can postpone the sound for a while.

Android 6.0 «Marshmallow» 3

It is worth noting built-in support for faster fingerprint recognition and support for new types of slots USB Type-C. They are, for example, immediately treated with the new mobile payment systems like Android Pay (which is built by default), and interact with other NFC devices.

There are other minor tweaks that are better. For example, improving the selection of tools for typing whole words are now allocated directly to make it easier to find words and phrases that you want. This is not the T9, a new tool with the ability to quickly cut, copy, and paste individual words. The system also offers to share or add information to those contacts with whom you frequently communicate.

Marshmallow Android and its future

In general, the new operating system will reveal all its new features at once, as the Android Lollipop, but only with a gradual upgrade as much more developed and refined on the go. The first thing the user sees after the update – it is a smart assistant, built-in Android, which will be the personal assistant on various issues. That is, many of the features of the manual dialing transformed into sound team. “Put my alarm clock”, “find the film”, “call your mother”, “play music” – the understanding of these teams will be a smartphone with Android 6.0 commonplace not only in advertising.

 Android 6.0 «Marshmallow» 4

Siri is competing with Google now, and Google will do its utmost to her personal assistant was the smarter and more capable. Somewhere nearby, and Cortana . So these three alpha versions of artificial intelligence would be something to talk about on our smart phones and PCs.

After a few days of use “zephyr” android you will quickly forget that you are using the new OS. It is not very different in appearance from Android 5.2. In terms dizayna changed only a few applications, such as Gmail and Google Maps. Others, perhaps redraw later.

Thus, the new mobile operating system offers virtually three normal upgrade, at first glance: a modified personal assistant, a full-fledged application to save battery life and new modes of notification. And everything else is hidden inside. For later. Not all at once.

Author: Stepan Mazur

The original photo: Gizmag


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