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How to take and where to look next screenshot Android? – Androidinsider (press release) (blog)

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Users Android OS note that when they make a screenshot, notification appears, providing a link, when you click on that, you can open this picture. If you do not do it right, the photo app will display only those images that are made by the camera device. How to take screenshots on different devices and in different versions of the operating system and, most importantly, where they then look for? After all, sometimes only one screenshot able to say a lot about the benefits of the operating system.

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The answer to this question, perhaps, is obvious to experienced users of smartphones and tablets, but it will be very interesting for beginners. He disclosed in the published resource of The New York Times note «Searching for Android Screen Shots».

Location screen shots of your devaysa depends not only on the version of Android, but also on devices. If you do not see the folder “Screenshots» (Screenshots) In Google Photo (Google Photos) on your phone or tablet running Android 5.1, tap Menu (three lines), located in the upper left corner of the screen, and open the folder device ( Device Folders). Upgrade to this version of the operating system last August were pleased with the holders of its units the company Sony.

In the screenshots you will see a preview of the screen shots that you have previously made. Device Folders section also displays the images created using other applications. It is including photos that have been uploaded from Twitter, or the images that you have edited in Adobe Photoshop Express.

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If the device is running a previous version of Android, such as Kit Kat (version 4.4), just open Gallery (Gallery), select Landscape display (Album view), and then locate the folder “Screenshots» (Screenshots). If it’s not there, it features a software shell provided by the vendor of your phone. It should be noted that for a number of reasons, some users do not wish to upgrade to Lollipop with this version of Android.

The way in which you can take a snapshot of the screen varies depending on the device, but typically this is achieved by holding both buttons Power (Power) and Volume Down (Volume Down). This method works on many smartphones and tablets, including – Droid Turbo, Moto X and Google Nexus.

Some vendors of smartphones, such as Samsung, in their phones (Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6, displace other smartphones based Android) allow the user to take a picture phone touch screen display edge of his hand, and then swipe left to right. This combination of power buttons and volume down works too. To see the collection of screenshots on the device Samsung, open Gallery, go to landscape display (Album view) and tap the section “Screenshots» (Screenshots).

How useful feature of Android is the ability to take screenshots?


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