Friday, October 2, 2015

A new danger threatens more than 1 billion Android-smartphone – Mail.Ru

Researchers Zimperium discovered another vulnerability, dubbed Stagefright 2.0. It affects the main library Android libutils and is identical to what it was in the first generation Stagefright. Only then we were affected metadata MMS, and now we are talking about metadata mp3- and mp4-files. Moreover, experts say that, combined with the vulnerability of the past (not all smartofny received appropriate upgrades), under the blow could fall, and devices with Android Lollipop.

The infected file can be activated as the side of the player, and built-in tools Android. Infect a smartphone can be literally anywhere, such as on the website. Now to break into almost any Android-smartphone does not even need to know the phone number of the victim, it is only necessary to give it a download file is prepared, and then the user himself do the rest. Of course, the victim in this case will not even notice that his unit was broken.

Google has been notified of the problem and how to assure the necessary release update has already been October 5 devices Nexus, as well as the AOSP-OS. How to quickly get the necessary upgrade gadgets from other manufacturers, will depend on their quickness.


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