Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Android-smartphone will have the main feature of the iPhone 6s – Mail.Ru

The company announced Synaptics technology ClearForce smartphone. It allows you to supplement the display function of the touch sensitivity. The technology, according to the creator, allows manufacturers of smart phones offer users new solutions in interfaces: the speed of scrolling, zooming, text editing and photo, as well as the “multiple management options in the games.” Development can distinguish pressing force as a finger and a stylus.

Synaptics states that works closely with the “major producers” in an attempt to introduce an innovation in its smartphones, which will appear in early 2016. Note on the touch sensitivity screens manufacturer since 1996. ClearForce is the third generation technology ForcePad, which was first adapted for smartphones.

In the future, the manufacturer hopes to offer ClearForce for tablets, wearable electronics and car manufacturers. The Company believes that the addition of depth in modern interfaces will become the norm in the near future. Synaptics has launched mass production of two developments: one is for flagship smartphones (Synaptics 3700 Series), the other – for devices with a screen diagonal of up to 17.3 inches (Synaptics 7800 Series). In the fourth quarter of this year and will begin production of Synaptics 3600 Series – a simplified solution for the “mass” of smartphones.

Synaptics 3700 Series supports the function of pressure sensitivity faces in Xiaomi Mi 4c.

It should be noted that at present a similar design, used in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, causing users have mixed feelings. Some point out that the decision makes it easier to interact with the most requested features, and others are talking about non-obviousness and lack of understanding of the work with which the element on the screen you can interact with the help of a strong depression. Perhaps the emergence of an increasing number of gadgets with similar operating time will clarify how the innovation is useful (or useless) for modern devices.


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