Thursday, October 29, 2015

Samsung has introduced a large Android-tablet – Russian newspaper

Samsung has officially unveiled one of the biggest in the world of tablet computers. The device was named Galaxy View, the size of the diagonal of its screen is 18.4 inches, and weight – 2.65 kg. For the convenience of carrying a tablet equipped with a special pen.

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The device is aimed not at those who enjoy mobility. With the weight and size of Galaxy View can be useful for business and home users.

It was expected that by its characteristics the device will be among the top or the flagship, but TTX Galaxy View can not be called outstanding.

So, the new tablet Samsung has a 18.4-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels FullHD, like many mid-priced smartphones. RAM – two gigabytes, and it is also average. Are standard and built-in memory – 32 or 64 gigabytes, which can be expanded with cards microSD.

The main camera does not have a tablet – it’s quite an educated decision. Capturing the help of a “spade” still no one will, so that the meaning of an expensive camera module no. Samsung engineers have left only the front camera with a resolution of 2.1 megapixels – for self and video it is more than enough.

Large tablet Samsung – steep competitor Apple iPad Pro for significantly less money

What As for the battery, its capacity, which is 2700 mAh (about twice as much as the average smartphone), enough to watch a movie without interruption for eight hours. So, anyway, they say in the corporation. Due to the special shape of the stand Galaxy View can be set in two positions – vertical and almost “half upright.” The first choice for viewing movies and communication in Skype, the second is considered to be working.

Managed by the novelty of the operating system Android, like most tablet Samsung. It can also be present LTE cellular module, however, such a model would be more expensive. Official Galaxy View the price has not yet announced, but judging by leakage from sellers novelties base version without LTE-permanent memory of 32 gigabytes will cost $ 600.

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Large plates can not be called a mass product, their customers – mostly businessmen. Samsung Galaxy View was fine for them, but it has a serious competitor. Of course, this tablet production of Apple – iPad Pro c 12,9-inch screen and a resolution of approximately two times higher than the novelty Samsung.

is present in the iPad Pro, and both chambers, as 8-megapixel main and 1.2-megapixel front. Photographing them is hardly convenient, and “extra” camera module increases the cost of production, but users of apple products – people are demanding and do not tolerate compromise.

His other characteristics can also be attributed to the top-end. For example, Apple A9X latest processor and four gigabytes of RAM. As accessories you can purchase touch the Pen and Case keyboard – Samsung no such offers (although the keyboard for tablets produces plenty of Chinese manufacturers).

As for battery life, it is about 10 hours online -serfinga. This mode is rather “greedy”.

Price iPad Pro bite – $ 800 for the base version with 32 gigabytes of memory and without the module LTE. Then you need to decide to spend more money on a powerful device, or to compromise. Sales have not started yet, so there is time.

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