Saturday, October 3, 2015

Google promotes the idea of ​​security Android – (Registration) (Blog)

The company Google , even though the , that its mobile platform only ( in comparison to Windows Phone and iOS) allows you to install the software by application store « of the box,” says that , as it constantly strives for happiness and safety of users:

On March 12, 2015 Google has become to take active steps to remove these programs ( on the charts is the phase number 1). Previously, scanning and display warnings occur once a week, especially for Russia, it began to make daily. The user sees the phrase in the spirit of « Hey , you want to install a malicious application. Do you really want to do it? “, But 15% of the audience simply ignore this warning or disables all notifications entirely.

The company had consulted with the support of the Russian language , to the notification from Google were meaningful and useful. Although the number of notifications has grown six-fold , users still continue to install viruses.

The Android platform is the only , where antivirus « Kaspersky”, for example , have antivirus. To Win and iOS « Casper” made secure browser only.


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