Monday, October 26, 2015

How does Apple created the app for Android – (Registration) (Blog)

The German shared resource Mobile Geeks screenshots Apple Music app for Android. As you can note, the company from Cupertino did not significantly alter the appearance of the main screen of the application – the section “For You” and “new” look almost identical to those in iOS. It was to be expected, since the third-party programs that are on both platforms, rarely have a large number of external differences.

Do not ignore was the Apple and Material Design – a series of interface solutions, which have become the basis for a new designer-language Google, there is. In particular, if we talk about the sidebar, and controls. Although in general, of course, Apple Music for Android is on its way and follows the style of iOS.

Screenshots are made, presumably as part of beta testing, set on which started in late September, previously reported people who have received an invitation from Apple. Test conditions are unknown, as well as the release date of the product. The site is still referred to “this fall” as a term of release Apple Music for Android.

It should be noted, technically, this is the second application by Apple for competing platforms as early as mid-September on Google Play appeared customer migration Move to iOS. As towered after the removal of the program code, and the application was previously available for Android, just under a different name. Then Apple bought it and put it on Google Play already with that name. The client for the Apple Music develop in the walls of the company, so that, in fact, that this program can be considered as the first application for Android from Apple.


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