Monday, October 5, 2015

The new Android OS vulnerability threatening 1 billion devices – BBC

05.10.2015, 13:24

The company’s specialists Zimperium discovered a new vulnerability in the OS Android, threatening more than 1 billion mobile devices. It is reported by The Guardian .

In July, the employee Zimperium found vulnerability Stagefright, allows attackers to hack the device to OC Android and access to all stored in memory data. You can do this was by sending MMS, video containing malicious code. Then the problem was solved with the help of operational updates.

Recently, however, security experts have identified a new version of the vulnerability Stagefright 2.0. Now attackers are able to embed the infected file to download user audio or video, as well as infecting your smartphone, even when preview of downloaded files.

Once infected devices attackers can record conversations users to read their correspondence, and use built-in gadget, including chamber. Google has already aware of the problem and said it will soon release an update that eliminates the vulnerability.

Previously, researchers company Zimperium released application to identify vulnerabilities in the Android-smartphone.


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