Friday, October 9, 2015

Android-smartphone BlackBerry Priv: «live» the photo – Mail.Ru

The long-awaited BlackBerry Priv was in the hands of one of the community members Reddit, who photographed him and shared his first impressions. It is reported that the thickness of the smartphone less than 5 Samsung Galaxy Note – only 7.6 mm. It weighs more than the device –171 of diagonal, according to rumors, as many as 5.4 inches. Dimensions impressive! Expected resolution QHD, 2,5D used glass that is slightly curved on the sides.

very nice slider moved apart, recalling the days when touchscreen smartphones were rare. Weight distribution device literate. When the slider is in the open state, the screen does not outweigh, and typing QWERTY-type keyboards quite convenient. When closed, the text can be dialed using the on-screen keyboard.

Compared with the camera Samsung Galaxy Note May 18 megapixel camera BlackBerry Priv focus a bit slower in the dark. With regard to the overall impression of the work devaysa, the operating system on Snapdragon 808 behaves like Marshmallow on the Nexus 5. BlackBerry Priv services will come with Google Play, but it remains unknown how deep into the BlackBerry interface modifies the system.

BlackBerry Priv name is an abbreviation of the word Privacy. In this simple way marketers have decided to emphasize that the device should still be the main concept of the Canadian company – security of user data at the head of every smartphone manufacturer.

Recall CEO BlackBerry John Chen (John Chen) said in an interview on the Code / Mobile, that next year will be decisive for “blackberry” smartphones. The same took the life of mobile units to Sony. «Never Say Never» , – said Chen, and said that if next year the business of manufacturing gadgets begins profitable, the company will fully refuse from smartphones. Despite the sad news, Chen still hopes for the success of gadgets. He even said that we will see at least two smartphones on the type of OS BB10, and once again reminded about the launch of this year’s first Android-smartphone BlackBerry Priv.

The novelty should appear on sale in November 2015, year. In addition, we can see and BlackBerry Passport with Android, if you believe the informants.


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