Saturday, October 31, 2015

Apple released its second Android-app – BBC News

Apple has posted on Google Play, its second Android-app – Beats Pill + to control the eponymous wireless Bluetooth-in speaker, which was introduced earlier this month. The application allows, no tuning, connect to other portable speakers smartphone and connect it with another model Pill + to enhance the sound.

Many of the owners of Android-Apple gadgets novelty met negatively, with frank trolling in a review, putting it one point out of five possible. Some users have “complained” that can not be synchronized Pill + with pills, which they wrote the doctor (Pill translates to English as a tablet), and others have written that the application “does not treat my symptoms of the flu. What is this pill?”

Beats Pill + – is the second application the Apple Android-devices. His first program to compete with iOS platform Google i-maker released in September. Move to iOS is designed to facilitate the transition from the camp of one operating system to another, taking a photo and video messages, account information Google, contacts, calendars and bookmarks in the browser. By the end of the year, Apple plans to release another Android-program for cross-platform music service Apple Music.

It is possible that in the future Android-Apple apps will be released on a regular basis. In August, the company began looking for software engineers who need her help to “bring exciting new mobile products on the platform Android”.

We can assume that Apple intends to migrate to Android some of its popular services – for example, chat iMessage and Facetime, cards Apple Maps. Perhaps someday come to Android Browser Safari – one of the first programs that the company has released for Windows.

Manufacturer “iPhone” have not ruled out the appearance of their products to competing operating systems. In 2013, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said that his company “does not have any religious warnings about porting” iOS-applications on Android, but only “if it would make sense”.

Source: Beats Pill + (Google Play)


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