Friday, October 30, 2015

Media: Google Android and will combine Chrome OS – BBC News

Google intends in the future to abandon support of two operating systems – Android and Chrome OS. According to The Wall Street Journal, a single Operating System, representing a the Android “built» Chrome OS, will appear in 2017.

Two sources told the publication that for the past two years, Google programmer working on, to integrate Android and Chrome OS, and has already achieved some success. Already in the next year may be issued a preliminary version of the new OSes.

While Android is the most popular mobile operating system, and installed on the 1.4 billion devices, laptops and desktops with Chrome OS occupy only 3% of the world market personal computers, this year their sales are estimated to reach 7.9 million units. The decision to combine OSes shows that Google is not particularly in need of a separate “desktop” system.

According to the agency Re / code, Google is going in the future, together with companies, PC manufacturers to start developing notebook and desktop systems running on Android. This brings to mind surprised many at the launch in late September, “the tablet to work» Pixel C. The device is easy with the special keyboard was developed by the same team as the “premium” series Chromebook Pixel, but it runs on Android.

Do not refuting media reports directly to Google nevertheless insist that in the foreseeable future, Chrome OS is not in danger – the company will continue to maintain and develop it. Representatives of the search engine they say they are satisfied with the growing popularity of Chrome-devices. Sources of The Wall Street Journal also reported that the project will not be closed completely, Chrome OS support will continue, and manufacturers can continue to produce “Chromebook”. However, the focus in this case will move to Android-PC.

According to the newspaper, in Google want on Android worked as many different devices, not just smartphones and tablets, and set-top boxes, TVs, entertainment systems in motor vehicles etc. Of course, the company would like to add here and PC.

On the PC of the future “combined” version of Android, sources said publication, users can install applications from the store Play Market. The company will try to convince developers to create programs such as universal, operating in various embodiments, on any device – from smartphones and “smart” watches to laptops. A similar approach seeks to use Microsoft in Windows 10.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, Re / code, The Verge


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