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Select blocker unwanted calls to android-devices: Blacklist AntTek Mobile, Blacklist Axoft and Blacklist (lithiumS) –

Score in Google Play (free / paid version)

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
2.3 or higher

4.3 MB

Application Version

Shopping in the annex
119.24 rubles. per unit

Main functions:

  • Block calls / SMS / MMS from numbers in the black list (list of numbers)

  • Block calls / SMS / MMS with hidden numbers (no number is displayed, the caller’s name does not appear), not numbers from the contact list.

  • Block call / text messages on the prefix / postfix subscriber numbers.

  • The list of exceptions (the list of unlockable rooms) (pro)

  • Text filter by keyword or text coincidentally prefixes, suffixes.

  • Features at blocking incoming calls: mute, reject a call, take a call and immediately lose.

  • Widget. Fast access to settings and functions by means of the lock widget.

  • The possibilities of customization: Schedule power on / off (pro), import contacts / numbers from the call log / SMS to the black list or add a random number (not contained in the phone book), easy management features logs.


Shopping through the application


  • View Contacts

  • Edit contacts


  • View SMS and MMS

  • Reception SMS

  • Changing the SMS and MMS

  • Sending SMS-messages

  • Reception MMS


  • Changing the status of your phone

  • Implementation of the phone calls

  • View the Call Log

  • Redirect outgoing calls

Photos / multimedia / files

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive

  • View your data on USB-drive

The device ID and call information

  • Get the data on the status of the phone


  • Changing the audio

  • Unlimited access to the Internet

  • View Network Connections

  • Changing the system

  • Run the device is switched

  • Display of interface elements on top of other windows

The first impression

First, we agree with the terms of the developer, and only then get to the main screen. The eye is drawn to machine translation. One “building” is worth. The rest of us to a bright yellow interface with four icons in the middle and three tabs at the top. The first allows you to set the lock mode, and the second opens the call log and SMS, as well, a third shows the locked rooms. By the way not without advertising.

281x450 54 KB. Big one: 800x1280 228 KB  281x450 14 KB. Big one: 800x1280 47 KB
 281x450 28 KB. Big one: 800x1280 94 KB  281x450 28 KB. Big one: 800x1280 94 KB

With the lock mode we will deal with the test, as long as we turn to the settings that are in the upper right corner under the” three points ” .

281x450 26 KB. Big one: 800x1280 116 KB  281x450 18 KB. Big one: 800x1280 60 KB

The” Calls “are deactivated and the notice of call forwarding is disabled on the voicemail. There are two so-called experimental features: do not interrupt the call during a conversation, and an alternative method of blocking that generally suppresses all networks. Doubtful, of course, the function. Is not it easier to just switch? But check anyway, suddenly wrong. Below, you can clear the call log and the log of blocked numbers.

281x450 15 KB. Big one: 800x1280 60 KB

On the message settings generally bad. Not only that MMS can be blocked only in the paid version, so more and they can be easily removed and all option may not work for some operators and not all Android. Yes, as generally speaking, if the SMS-blocking does not work due to limitations in the Android 4.4 and higher. It was impossible to make the program a default message, as it was with the same “black list”? Yes, and even to pay for not understand that?

281x450 13 KB. Big one: 800x1280 45 KB

Yes, there is password protection, but again, in the paid version. In the last article blockers do it for free. However, there is a widget that can be configured, for example, display only the black and white lists and blocked calls, and free backup of the database. In general, it does not impress as a widget clumsy, and the backup is saved is not clear where. Find, of course, possible, but why suffer? Is not it easier to specify a folder on their own? That’s all the settings.

281x450 17 KB. Big one: 800x1280 61 KB  281x450 45 KB. Big one: 800x1280 144 KB

The first impression – we analogue disastrous Call Blocker from the first article, however, we have not checked experimental features, and nothing is checked, and suddenly there is hope?


Performance system load averages – 95.6 MB at zero load on the system. It also permits no major complaints, that is, there is nothing that would Locking is not needed.

281x450 42 KB. Big one: 800x1280 197 KB

If the magazine calls and blocked numbers, everything is standard, the purpose of the icons on the main screen yet.

281x450 29 KB. Big one: 800x1280 96 KB  281x450 28 KB. Big one: 800x1280 95 KB

The first icon allows you to activate the lock from the blacklist. Second – activates the black and white lists, the third – blocks all incoming calls, well, fourth unlocks all. Admittedly, this approach proved to be quite comfortable, it is possible at the touch of “the abyss for all” or “stay only for the elite.”

281x450 28 KB. Big one: 800x1280 94 KB  281x450 14 KB. Big one: 800x1280 49 KB
 281x450 29 KB. Big one: 800x1280 98 KB  281x450 15 KB. Big one: 800x1280 51 KB

At the bottom of the three columns. The first allows you to configure black and white lists. Moreover, the blacklist can not only add a contact from the phone book and customize your lock for hidden rooms and is “Contact”. This is available just a block or miss calls. White List manually or you can make make it all the time. What is the meaning of this is not clear.

281x450 29 KB. Big one: 800x1280 112 KB  281x450 20 KB. Big one: 800x1280 74 KB

The second graph pleased, though not for long. Here you can schedule when you are available and when not to, but you have to pay the developer money. Something similar can be found in Call Blocker – Blacklist App from the second article, and thus free.

281x450 18 KB. Big one: 800x1280 64 KB  281x450 29 KB. Big one: 800x1280 112 KB

The third column is useless for us, because it controls the configuration SMS. Instead, to make the program a default messages, we suggest to download some SMS-obschalku. Even I did not understand. What unnecessary troubles.

281x450 16 KB. Big one: 800x1280 51 KB

So, we proceed to testing. Unknown numbered blacklisted and … a complete failure. Calls are in the “clear” and “quiet”. Okay, let’s try to block all incoming. And here the better. Calling all failed, and came in response to SMS – «I can not answer, I’m driving” (a message can be customized). By the way, later it turned out that block specific numbers can only be pro-version. Nightmare, and only.

281x450 23 KB. Big one: 800x1280 89 KB  281x450 16 KB. Big one: 800x1280 50 KB
 281x450 22 KB. Big one: 800x1280 83 KB

Now, experimentally verified functions and … they do not work either. The magazine can be blocked calls do not look, because there is simply nothing. For fun, turn on system resources. Operatives almost did not move – 96 MB, but the processor podnapryagsya – 3.5% of the load. The consumption of the battery was 15.4% for some 15 minutes, even unforgivable. Traffic – 1.9 MB for advertising.

281x450 65 KB. Big one: 800x1280 209 KB  281x450 18 KB. Big one: 800x1280 56 KB
 281x450 48 KB. Big one: 800x1280 230 KB


Conclusion disappointing. Blacklist (AntTek Mobile) a failure just another program that also requires money. Of the advantages only convenient operation, which is enjoyed, and wish that this approach has not shown before the test program, but that is what it is, and therefore you install this program, we do not recommend.

Good (-Machine translation)

The ability to self-configure
Good (everything you need)

The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0-3.5% / 95 -96 MB

1.9 MB / 15 minutes

The definition of Caller ID subscriber

The signal at the other end when blocking
Nedozvon (when blocking all calls)

Lock SMS-messages
Only for Android below version 4.4

Ease of use
Excellent (handy icons)

The complete set of

No departures

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