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Overview Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Motorola Nexus 6 – Mobiltelefon.Ru

Yesterday, Google has posted images of a new version of the operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Drivers are available for the LG Nexus 5, Motorola Nexus 6, ASUS Nexus July 2013, HTC Nexus 9 and Nexus Player, you can set their hands on the simple instructions on the official site. However, soon begin distribution of OTA-updates, so you can just wait. By a happy coincidence at our disposal is the Nexus 6 from the online store Macov.net, we have already established him “zefirku” and are ready to show you all the main innovations and chips Android 6.0, many of them wander in the third-party firmware. Watch the video:

First and foremost, we are met by a new starting animation. It looks nice. On the lock screen font at the clock has become more expressive, the right continues to run the camera and voice input is now on the left instead of a phone dialer. The interface has more animation. All smoothly and krasivenko. If, for example, click on the icon on the desktop, the application is disclosed as of her.

The “six” new wallpaper – there are photos of the planet, earthly beauty, and is a geometric psychopathy. What do you like? Archive filled with pictures on file sharing, swing on health. List widget scrolls vertically, but if the widget has a few species, appears and horizontal scrolling. By the way, there was a cool widget “What’s playing?” Lets you know the artist, album and track name. The program can now be removed by moving the label to the top of the area, not only from the application menu and on the desktop.

The menu of applications remains, but it was turned into a vertical list. Not the most convenient solution, in my opinion. You can scroll the slider to a specific letter, the first program starting with her, will be highlighted. You can search for applications (to jump to the search for a virtual hold the menu key programs). Four popular program brought to the top of the list, and you can disable the chip settings Google, in the section “Search and tips” (“Recommended applications»).

On the desktop screen with Google Now – the extreme left. Tips Now is now called contextual and holding down home. For example, you are listening to a song, call this service and then you can go to YouTube, search for pictures, news, and so on. In the correspondence, messages or post dinner decided to go somewhere else? Tip allows you to quickly find out the address, hours, reviews, and assign the event to the calendar. Alas, with the Russian language as a system contextual clues are not working, treat the English.

A vanilla Android interface as usual is not happy flexibility and customization, but many will be happy to hidden system settings, activate that can retention cogs in Curtain notifications. After simple manipulations in the settings of an additional item System UI Tuner, where you can include the interest in the battery, change the order of the buttons shortcuts in the curtain, delete unnecessary buttons, turn off the icons in the status bar, and run the demo mode for developers (such as to developers could make beautiful screenshots).

When adjusting the volume, you can open a menu to access additional sliders. If you change the volume of alerts and vibration reached the activation, an additional click on the “volume down” turn on the “Do not disturb”, who will be able to break through a Service. Additional parameters mode “Do not disturb” You can go from the blinds.

Screenshots are still made by a combination of keys “volume down” + “power.” Notification of the picture pops up in the curtain, and now you can delete the unnecessary picture touch of a button.

The “copy and paste” slightly redesigned and if you have a “translator Google», you can translate selected text. Select the text to the right, you capture an entire word, and going to the left by one character deselect (if you then go to the right, too, will be the selection of individual characters). Conveniently.

If tapnut several times on the version of Android in the “About phone”, then pop up the icon Marshmallow, and if you do get caught in, then activate the “Easter eggs” in the form of Android-clone Flappy Bird (in my opinion, toy became easier, at least I’m on the third attempt managed to score one point).

New features have appeared in “Sounds & Notifications”. For example, you can turn off the sound condition of the battery, turn off the short notice for specific applications.

Each application can assign permissions. In the setting of the application you can choose the default program, view supported by reference to allow the imposition of applications on top of other windows.

«Storage and USB-drives” shows the amount of memory used for data types, and from there you can go to the stock file manager.

The “Battery” not only shows the schedule and task list, but also the amount spent by a particular function of the battery capacity in mAh. In the section “Battery saving” given application for which active and inactive proprietary technologies of conservation of charge. According to Google, the technology automatically activates sleep Doze mode in which applications consume almost no charge (but the same alarm sounds). And App Standby limits the flow of the charge is rarely used programs. In general, the work is to grow, which is great.

Memory in a separate item “Memory”. You can see what the average amount of RAM was used for the last 3, 6, 12 and 24 hours to see the programs that guzzle the most.

At Google decided to extend support to the fingerprint scanner at the program level. If before using the fingerprint, in fact, could only unlock the device, it is now an imprint will protect purchases in the Play Store, Android Pay and third-party applications.

As it often happens, the new version of Android is really a lot of changes but due to the fact that the interface, in fact, almost not changed, then the majority of the users and would think that at least innovations. And this applies to both the owners of Nexus, and other smartphone manufacturers which released updates to 6.0, but will not introduce significant changes to the user interface. Do not judge an update on appearance. Innovations are hidden inside and they thoroughly comb the green robot. But how Marshmallow with new technologies has proved effective as regards energy, we learn only with the passage of time, when companies start releasing updates to their “tachvzami” “Sensei,” “miyuaykami”, “Flaim” and other “hperiyahoumami.”

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