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Select an application to share data between android-device and PC: SHAREit, Portal and WebSharing –





The laboratory site continues to acquaint readers of с applications to exchange data between android-device and PC. The USB connection and Bluetooth does not interest us, because we are advanced users – we need a Wi-Fi.

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This review will focus on the three applications. First we meet SHAREit, which has a huge number of features and capabilities for interaction with the PC. Next is a tiny utility Portal, allowing only transfer files from a PC. And finally, we look at another simple and trouble-free program – WebSharing.

Let me remind you that the heroes of the previous material became two of the most popular applications – AirDroid and Xender. The first tool is very functional and provides the ability to share files, connecting via Wi-Fi and mobile network, and get most of the features of mobile solutions via remote access. But the second program allows you to share all kinds of files not only from PCs but also from other smartphones.

Do not despair if in the list of tested applications you do not find the one that you are using it. After all, we have not reviewed all the decisions and do not have summed up, perhaps the most interesting is yet to come.



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If you want to quickly and “beautiful” to share files with your home computer and other devices? In this case, you will not find anything better than the program SHAREit. In addition, the utility provides a number of additional opportunities to interact with the PC.


Key features of the application SHAREit:

  • Working without limitation network: you can transfer files without having to connect to the network without the cost of traffic. Share your files anytime, anywhere.

  • Lightning Speed: transmission is 200 times faster than using Bluetooth, the fastest transfer rate up to 20 Mbit / s and above.

  • Sharing files between different devices: using SHAREit you can share files between different devices: smartphones, tablets and PCs (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows XP / 7/8/10). Share your as you want.

  • Sharing variety of files: you can pass almost all the contents of your phone: photos, videos, music, applications installed and any file contained in the SD-card.

  • Easy action: transfer files very easy, only two steps: select the files & gt; contact with other & gt; transfer is complete!

  • Fast moving all data from the old phone to a new one: you can use this application to move all your data (contacts, messages, colorful messages, music, videos, applications and data) from your old phone to the new.

Options to control the PC:

  • View photos on the big screen: the phone screen is too small? SHAREit helps you connect with your PC, and you can view on your computer screen image contained in the phone. It’s very easy and simple.

  • Control ppt: you can control the presentation via telephone using SHAREit.

  • View the contents of a PC: you can also view the contents of your PC, open the file, download photos or play music – there is nothing easier.

  • A copy of the photo: on your phone too many shots? USB cable is not included? Make a copy of the photo by SHAREit, leave a moment in your memory forever.

Getting Started


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When you launch SHAREit we do not get into the main menu, first of all, we propose to select a nickname and an avatar. I wonder what is it? I already know, but what you learn further – in the course of the review.

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Now we are on the home screen. It looks quite stylish, clear and minimalistic. The first thing that catches your eye – the key “Send” and “Receive”.

On top of the shutter is shown with the number of images, audio, and installed applications. By the way, it is advertising, it is true, their own applications. And if you pull the bottom edge of the curtain, then we will open a menu of options to clean up the memory and connect to the device (and, of course, advertising their applications).

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We are interested in sending files to other devices. Click on the appropriate key, select the required files (of any size and in any quantity) and proceed to send. We run a scanner, looking for other devices with the application SHAREit. Select a destination and made sending files to a word here and our avatar is displayed. Of course, the recipient must choose the “reception” of files.

But if we transfer the files to owners of devices based on iOS / WP, you’ll have to force the hotspot-mode. Fortunately annex all painted in detail – to think and wander through the program do not have to.

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And now we move on to a computer and transfer files in particular. Go to the official website developers, load distribution and install it. Note that the application is only available for Windows OS. PC software is similar to the mobile version, received a similar form and structure of the menu. We continue to choose the type of connection, files, and destination.

Unfortunately, it is very inconvenient that through SHAREit we do not get access to the root file system. It seems that when you move files from your PC, we want all conveniently located, but not far from it. And the version for MAC OS and Linux is not enough.

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There is also a web version SHAREit, but made it worse than their peers. To begin, we need to select the files to send (and if you want to go for something else to transfer?), And then connect your computer to our access point (via hotspot) and go to the specified URL.

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In a special page we will be able to download the files sent. Similarly, desktop application, we do not get access to the file system and files. Yes, and for the transfer of a new file, you must reload the page.

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In addition, when connected to a PC, we will be able to display images on the computer screen, control presentations directly from your smartphone, get access to the file system and archiving functions. Features quite unusual, especially for this kind of application, but they are certainly not to be redundant.



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Application Version

5.6 MB

The size of the application in the prescribed form

Consumption RAM
45-50 MB

In principle, operability SHAREit no problems. Files are transferred, complaints to the transmission rate is not, and I have not seen bugs. The only caveat – the search for a destination. Sometimes you have no time to run a search to find “free device.”


As such adjustments in a given application is not at all.


SHAREit – complicated, tricky and quite functional program for sharing files. It allows you to upload and send them from the PC to mobile devices and back, but it does so reluctantly. We have no access to the file system, it is necessary to transfer each file manually, and the connection is established through time.

From a functional point of view, the application is quite dubious. Yes, he has a lot of opportunities, ranging from display images on the computer screen, data archiving and management presentations. But the functions and features that are specific to the data – at least.

Instead of using SHAREit we have nothing to lose. The benefit of the application is absolutely free, but because it is only advertising in contextual banners with other programs of the developer.

 245x245 51 KB

Skachat SHAREit for android-devices from Google Play

Go to the official site to download the PC version SHAREit

Developer SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd.
Cost Free.
Requirements For OC Android 2.2 and later.

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