Saturday, April 4, 2015

Video: Windows 10 on Android-smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4 – 3DNews

We have already reported that within the framework of a special program owners of Android-smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4 will be able to participate in the testing of pre-build of Windows 10 Technical Preview. Microsoft is obviously trying to oust Google in China and explores the question you install Windows 10 on existing Android-phones. Finally, there was a video on the Web (in Chinese), which was captured result install Windows 10 on Mi 4.

Xiaomi not going so far to sell smartphones preloaded with Windows 10. Hugo Barra (Hugo Barra) is quite definitely said that we are only talking about the provision of the site (forums) Microsoft to communicate directly with the owners of Mi 4, willing to participate in testing Windows 10. Xiaomi, according to Mr. Barr, will continue to be based in their business on Android.

It is worth noting that to install Windows 10 must completely erase the Android device, so that such a step can only go enthusiasts, fans of the Microsoft platform and advanced users who often change their firmware devices on non-standard. As can be seen in the video, Windows 10 running on the flagship machine Xiaomi well. Of course, we are talking about pre-assembly, which includes some elements of Windows Phone 8.1 like Internet Explorer, which will not be in the final. In the demonstration also shows the operation of the voice assistant Cortana, which is localized for the Chinese market.

Although at the moment it is unlikely to have any noticeable impact on Google Android, the long-term platform can get a new threat. Windows 10 release firmware for popular Android-smartphone can help Microsoft expand the user base, especially if the installation process will be simple, clear and safe.


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