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Impressions pity on the transition from iPhone to Android –

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Imagine a person whom the digital world for many years ran Apple. His first smartphone was the iPhone 3G. Around the same time, he purchased his first MacBook – white, plastic and beautiful. Both devices struck his fancy. He remembers endless discussions with friends, full of praise operating system iOS, represents the future of consumer technology. It is easy to use and intuitive for everyone. Do you need a more sophisticated phone? After all, the smartphone is needed primarily for quick reference! Some users change the iPhone to Android without emotion, others – seek as soon as possible to return to the usual phone Apple.


Matt Johnston shared with readers on the resource Business Insider about his impressions of the transition from iPhone to Android. He then moved on a MacBook Pro and iPhone 4. Behind him came the iPhone 5.

And so in September 2014 his iPhone 5 began to lose its electronic mind. Prior to the advent of the iPhone 6 Plus remained for a month, and he needed the phone immediately. After all left without a smartphone, he felt himself cut off from reality, from everything that is close to his friends. Modern man is sometimes difficult to do without a smartphone, although some people do it.

If this does not happen, he would make the best decision. But in the end it was bought Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Last year’s model. And he plunged into the world of big phone, all their inherent charm and frustration.

At first, everything was good. He enjoyed the customization of the operating system Android. After all, he was able to modify all Android – from fonts to approaches to launch applications and shortcuts. Apple does not offer users of its devices such customization. Such an approach Jon Ivan.

He enjoyed about two months, having the opportunity to change the look of your phone only. Phone screen is large and beautiful. He has 3 gigabytes of RAM and a powerful processor. But in the end he found the lack of Android. After the operating system lacks native support for all that it is. Spotify app can not work smoothly under Android, which makes a quick start and stop the music difficult.

His third-party headset does not work as good as we would like in this operating system. It can play music and allows you to put it on pause, but it lacks features.

The interface is clumsy. To call someone, it takes four or five clicks instead of one or two, as in iOS. Pictures never drawn, and there is no easy synchronization with Facebook.

Applications evoke a sense of sadness. Almost every version of the app for iOS looks more elegant and works better than the corresponding version for Android. Official Twitter app he did not like. And find a suitable challenge. And there is excellent for iOS, in his opinion, the app Tweetbot.

Text chat terrifying. He did not like “samsungovskoe” integrated messaging application, and it will load third-party «Textra». Fortunately, as he said before, all in Android can be replaced and modified. This allows you to get the operating system rather pleasant experience, but text communication capabilities inherent in operating system iOS, still far.

Notifications worse. They can be only say that they have Android, and nothing more. He constantly missed text messages, phone calls and notifications about news. And again he had to download a third-party plug-in notifications «Heads Up». Now he gets a notification pop up in Google-style cards and pass them it has become much less common. But this solution is not ideal. This is a disappointing lack of correction disappointing.

However, in the latest version of Android Lollipop Google has improved the notice, but his phone is still not received this update. And this is another drawback Android-based phone – you can wait months for an update of the operating system. And that if any will be available.

Look at how he changed the appearance of the screen of your phone so that it looked in accordance with his wishes.

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He had to put third-party applications, and eventually Android ceased to be like himself. The result was a patchwork. As soon as the end of his tariff plan from your service provider Verizon, it’s going to get anywhere on the new iPhone with a larger screen, which will offer Apple is the time.

Matt Johnston concludes that the future of technology is not for complex, but customizable products. The main role is played by the coordinated work of all that is in the device. In his opinion, the Android operating system in this respect is arranged properly.


But it’s personal impressions of Matt Johnston. Other users may have different points of view. What do you think, what is the experience the user gets, going from iPhone to Android? Maybe the reasons Android users love to the iPhone in the fact that he wrote Matt Johnston? Or the possibility of customizing the operating system and configure it most important to the taste of those “minor inconvenience” as discussed above?


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