Sunday, April 5, 2015

OnePlus introduced its version of Android – OxygenOS – 3DNews

Last year, the Chinese company has offered his vision OnePlus flagship Android-smartphone, releasing a 5.5-inch planshetofon OnePlus One half the price lower than similar devices from companies like Samsung or HTC. This device works under a modified version of Android from Cyanogen, but now the manufacturer has decided to present to the world their own version of the software.

After a few days delay OxygenOS became available OnePlus One owners to download and install on their devices. OxygenOS developed within OnePlus, but at the moment it is (at least outwardly) is only slightly modified version of the platform Google Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

The official blog company explained that in its assembly adhered Android the principle of making only those modifications that are absolutely necessary and improve the environment. «We believe that the performance and the battery life is more important than lotions and various bloated functions», – the company said.

This approach means in practice that OxygenOS is almost standard version of Android which can be found on the Nexus-aids. However, there are nice additions like calling application specifies gestures when the screen is off, advanced quick settings menu, file manager, as well as some advanced features (most present in the firmware of Cyanogen).

The company says that the main task OxygenOS – faster time updates, as well as improved integration of services for users OnePlus. But I think the main task of the firmware – reducing dependence on Cyanogen. The relationship between the two companies went cold after Cyanogen has signed an exclusive deal with India on the eve of the launch Micromax OnePlus One in India. OxygenOS may eventually become the standard for future firmware devices OnePlus, but now wish to use it you must reflash their devices in accordance with the instructions on the official website.

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