Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Twitter users clearly does not like Android –


We know that Android – the most popular and common mobile operating system in the world that has captured almost the entire smartphone market. We know that Google Play more applications than any other virtual store, and we know that buying a smartphone on Android, we can in anything does not deny. Or not? It seems that the last statement is not completely true, and the popular microblogging service Twitter has once again proved it.

More recently, Twitter has a new feature that displays the retweets on a completely different level. Each user can now add a comment to someone else’s record, and all this will be published in his belt in a clear and pleasant to read format. Here’s what it looks like:

 screenshot1 >

Judging by the comments, users warmly welcomed the new feature and are willing to actively use it. This feature has replaced the conventional retweets in the web version of Twitter and in the application for the iPhone, but Android users have not received a new function, and the release date of the update is unknown.

It is interesting that in the last few weeks several Twitter just ignored popularity Android. Vine update with support for high-quality video passed by Android, a new service Pericsope, which is actively used in the wording of the resource, also did not come out on Android, but iPhone users rejoice novelties right at this moment.

We know of cases where developers paid apps not released an update to Android for the reason that the mobile operating system from Google brings enough income due to the development of piracy on the platform. But for some reason, Twitter is not in a hurry to release their free services for our readers – it is a mystery.

In my opinion, the only likely explanation is the low activity of users Android. Numerous data and studies suggest that, despite the huge number of users of Android, not all of them use the Internet and applications. In turn, the users are much more potent iPhone. But that is not important. The important thing is that buying a smartphone on Android, we can not be sure that it will support all the modern services and applications.


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