Saturday, April 25, 2015

Google begins to spread Android 5.1.1 – Computer Information Portal

Not long ago, was introduced mobile operating system Android 5.1 and until she got to the small number of models. Manufacturers are only planning to upgrade their devices to it; for example, Motorola is preparing to release Android 5.1 smartphone first generation Moto X in Brazil.

Meanwhile, version 5.1 is no longer state of the art. In the Android SDK Manager, a version Android 5.1.1, information on this assembly are also presented on the page, Google, Nexus 7 mentioned devices and Nexus 9.


However, the first recipient of the update to the latest version will not smartphones or tablets, as it usually happens, and Nexus Player – set top box. While it is not known exactly which innovations are presented in Android 5.1.1, but judging by the number, scale, they will not be offering a series of bugfixes and increase stability.

In Android 5.0 there was a problem with the memory leak, which has not been fixed in version 5.1. Now in the list of problems AOSP this fault is marked as resolved, and its decision should be made just in version 5.1.1.


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