Saturday, April 4, 2015

Android in Russia the most contagious – BBC

In Russia, the level of infected devices proved to be four times higher worldwide, the report says about the security problems of the mobile platform Android, which is published by Google. According to the report, malware is set to 1% of all Android-smartphone.

The Android platform has become a favorite operating system for virus writers and producers of all mobile malware. Experts companies involved in cybersecurity, are unanimous in their opinion that the vast majority of these applications is aimed at devices running Android.

The report notes that in 2014, dangerous software was installed almost 1% of the billion Android-devices.

absolute leader in this black list was Russia, with its 4-percent level devices that are installed such applications.

Also, Google report states that when users install applications only from the store Google Play, then the probability of infection is reduced to 0.15%.

According to anti-virus expert “Kaspersky Lab” Victor Chebyshev, from the report that the technology Safe Net, used by Google, now protected 1 billion devices. Of these, about 1% of Google was attacked known malware. Were attacked about 10 million devices. “This is a huge figure,” – says Chebyshev.

Much of the user ignores the warning and Google still sets them detected malware. According to experts, in part this may indicate a lack of confidence of users to the company’s expertise in the field of information security. The risks of such a plant is extremely great.

«One malware can steal as much as $ 1, and credit card number, which is $ 10 thousand. Thus, the total damage from such attacks can be from $ 10 million. Russia gives a very interesting picture, but there are a number of open questions. For example, the report says that 3.75% of the units were attacked by well-known Google malware. However, there is no information how many Android users in Russia. Perhaps more of them than in Europe and the United States, “- said Chebyshev” “.

The expert “Kaspersky Lab” noted that the detection technology used by Google on the side device, as imperfect and are based on a fairly simple mechanism check hash sum of the installation package. In this case, even if you change a single byte of malware, it will no longer show up technology Safe Net.

However, it is clear in Google became more serious about the fact that the Android OS has a reputation the most dangerous mobile platform. New, better and more secure versions of Android and greater scrutiny of applications from Google Play it possible to reduce the level of penetration of smartphones and tablets malware by 50% in comparison with 2013 year.

Commenting on the report, chief engineer Android Security Adrian Ludwig reported that Google uses derived from various sources to improve data security through a combination of trusted products and services, such as Google Play and Verify Apps. “We have an open platform and third-party studies and reports only help us become safer. App Store Google Play spends 200 million safety checks every day. In 2014, Android and external partners received 79 reports on security issues, and over 25 thousand. Applications in Google Play developers have been updated in accordance with the notification of security policy Google Play », – said Ludwig.

Senior virus analyst ESET Russia Artem Baranov said that statistics Google is not at odds with the data ESET about the dynamics of mobile threats: “Every year we record an increasing number of malware for Android. It is, for example, an SMS-Trojans who sign up by paid services and services, as well as banking malware software. ”

Unfortunately, Android and security policy measures taken by Google, do not allow to change the situation for the better. The main security hole of this platform is the model distribution and updates. If in the case of iOS assumes responsibility vendor, then to the Android approach is different.

According to the analyst ESET in Russia, the Android OS is very popular, but users often neglect the security settings.

ESET Statistics for SMS-Trojans for Android points to Russia as one of the most affected regions. The main problem, according to ESET, lies in the fact that users are free to install the software for Android from third-party app stores.


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