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Apple Watch, Android Wear or Pebble? What to choose? – World of Apple in one site

Recently started selling  Watch. Smart watch from Cupertino – not the first of its kind: the market smart timepieces have long been present and numerous Pebble Soup running “wearable” version of Android – Android Wear. What to choose? Strengths and weaknesses of each solution are discussed below.

 Apple Watch, Pebble, Android Wear


 Watch. Prices for Apple smart watches start at $ 349 (a collection of Sport). Conventional Apple Watch with stainless steel and sapphire-coated display – perfect protection against scratches – are already at $ 549. The cost of a luxury collection Edition range from $ 10 000 to $ 17 000. Note – outside The price depends on the “filling” is identical everywhere.

Android Wear. Smart hours on this platform usually cost from $ 200 (ASUS ZenWatch) to $ 300 (metal Moto 360 / LG G Watch R).

Pebble. The previous generation hours Pebble (Original) estimated total of $ 100. More premium version of Pebble Steel costs $ 199.99. Almost as much – $ 199 – and asked for new Pebble Time. Steel model of the next generation will be available for $ 299.

 Apple Watch

Apple Watch

 asus zenwatch

ASUS ZenWatch on Android Wear

 Pebble time

Pebble time


 Watch. The first smart watch Apple is working on Watch OS – system with a bright, simple design and a new font. Operating system is able (and even obliged) to work together with iOS – display the hours notice, text messages and phone calls. In order to use most functions require Watch iPhone.

Android Wear. «Wrist” version of the operating system Google Android. Particular attention is paid to work with voice assistant Google Now and displays the information in the right place at the right time.

Pebble. In view of increased competition, the company has redesigned its software for hours. For the first time it appears in the new Pebble Time (their sales have not started yet). However, by the opportunities this watch is still modest than competitors Watch OS and Android Wear. However, Pebble has one big advantage – from the “big three” smart-hours work with your smartphone and on Android, iOS and they are only able to.


 Watch . Apple offers the greatest potential for customization of a single device “for themselves.” “Apple” clock presented in three versions (Sport, Watch, Edition), each version – in two sizes, for any Watch you can buy one of the many and varied straps and thus radically change their design.

Android Wear. Due to the large number of Android-OS vendors on this there are a number of “smart” watches to suit every taste and color. The problem may occur only with accessories – find a new strap will be difficult. This does not apply unless the Motorola 360.

Pebble. Pebble Time thinner and lighter than its predecessor, and the black-and-white display replaced by color. Existing models can hardly be called beautiful – nelyubiteli Pebble and did call them “children.” But the basic functions of smart hours they cope.


 Watch. Screen Smart hours Apple does not work when you’re at it, do not look . As a result, Watch «survive” overnight. But if you do not want to disappoint you watch the next day, have a mandatory charge them before going to bed.

Android Wear. The same is true for the majority of smart hours Android Wear. On a single charge, they have worked for a day or as Moto 360 after updating the software even more. LG G Watch R «live» the whole day with permanently active screen. But, again, they need to be recharged every day.

Pebble. The key advantage of Pebble – «LP» battery. Enough to charge them once a week! In this case, the clock screen is active 24 hours a day. The company promises that the working hours of the new Time will not affect even the appearance of a color screen.





 Watch. Apple made a healthy lifestyle and exercise one of the major advantages of his watch. The gadget is able to monitor heart rate, daily activity and even send reminders when you sat up and could use a little walk. Fitness data collected in the application Activity, all the statistics available in the iPhone (after pairing and connection to the Watch).

Android Wear . Many existing clock count the number of steps you’ve walked, calories burned and heart rate. The data is sent to a special program hub Google Fit.

Pebble. Physical Activity paid little attention. All that will find hours lovers healthy lifestyle – the usual pedometer. Of course, from the app store, you can download third-party applications fitness, but overall Pebble – not the best choice for someone who is concerned about his physical form.


 Watch. The clock can show any notice to which you are used to on the iPhone. If desired, developers can add a notification that you can accept / reject directly on the screen Watch.

Android Wear. similarly.

Pebble. where possible modest – developers do not have such a deep access to smartphone operating system. But nothing major, you will not miss.


 Watch. In order to run a third-party (ie, almost any) application, the clock must be connected to the iPhone. Look in the list of installed programs is easier than to Android Wear – just click on the scroll wheel Digital Crown. At the end of April 2015 in the App Store contains more than 3500 applications compatible with Apple Watch.

Android Wear. Many developers have added to their applications support Android Wear. Smart clock on “Android” has much can be done – by introducing new tasks to Wunderlist purchase on Amazon.

Pebble. The company offers to download a lot of third-party applications. True, Apple Watch and Android Wear already appeared or appear significant programs, which at the Pebble is not so far.


 Watch. Users can adjust the dial at its sole discretion to change the theme, add and delete blocks (for example, information about meetings, weather, moon phases, etc.). However, new dials to download until you can not.

Android Wear. There is, of course, no problem – the owner of the watch can download new dial directly from the app store Google Play. Thus, the possibilities for personalization are truly limitless.

Pebble. The same as in the Android Wear – new themes for the dial easily downloaded from Pebble Store.

 apple watch

Faces Apple Watch

Touch Screen

 Watch. Yes, full support swipe gestures. Screen determines the strength of pressing (technology Force Touch)

Android Wear. There.

Pebble. No, management is carried out by means of physical buttons.


In fact, the choice of a lot depends on your smartphone. If you – the owner of the iPhone, you should think about buying any Apple Watch, or Pebble, because the clock on Android with iOS are not yet compatible (although everything can change). The opposite is true – the owners of Android-smartphone should forget about Watch.

 Apple Watch, Pebble, Android Wear


It outlined the phone? Next answer yourself the question: “What kind of smart I want to watch?” Complete with touch screen, powered by batteries one day – or simple, but with a battery that will last for a week? Pebble – for those who like to “long-lasting” digital clock and indifferent to the design refinements. Everyone else, we are sure, will make the right choice.

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