Saturday, April 18, 2015

In the United States, participants debate the merits of Android and Apple were taken to hospital –

The dispute two drunken American residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma, about what is best smartphone, Android or Apple, escalated into a bloody brawl. This is the website The Smoking Gun. As a result, both the disputants were hospitalized with injuries, do not threaten life.

According to police, the conflict between roommates Jairo Mendez (Jiaro Mendez) and Elias Acevedo (Elias Acevedo) occurred on the night of Friday, April 17 at the parking area. The fight began after Azevedo Mendes hit on the head with a beer bottle.

When the men were detained, they were both in the blood, with lacerations and bruises. At the hospital, they had the necessary medical care.

started a brawl, 21-year-old Acevedo, arrested. In addition to an armed attack, he is suspected of violating the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The police did not specify whether he was a fan of Apple or fan of Android-devices.


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