Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Smart Watch Asus VivoWatch abandon Android Wear –

The apparent progress in improving the functionality of the operating system Android Wear does not solve the main problems of the platform: it requires sufficient CPU performance limiting hours of battery life from the battery, and the majority of wrist devices with Android Wear still need to complete the work conjugate wirelessly smartphone interface. In addition, devices with Android Wear turn out quite expensive as manufacturers try that they are not inferior in design and basic capabilities of smartphones are not below average.

As the site DigiTimes , the producers of “smart” watches more often pay attention to the need for alternative platforms. If Samsung and LG in this regard rely on Tizen and webOS, respectively, the Asustek Computer is developing its own software platform for “smart” watches series VivoWatch, which will become more affordable alternative ZenWatch on Android Wear in the eyes of those who are waiting for the presence of wrist devices mainly functions to track health. Prices VivoWatch will be more attractive, and therefore increase the demand. According to some estimates, in 2014 around the world it has been sold less than 800,000 devices running Android Wear, and while it can not be called very popular.


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