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Released the long-awaited OxygenOS based on Android 5.0 Lollipop – Mail.Ru

The company OnePlus recently enabled users to install the Weather application for smartphones to see what direction the development of proprietary firmware OxygenOS, designed specifically for the “killer champions 2014» OnePlus One, which will replace the CyanogenMod because of disagreements between the two companies. Now Online OnePlus the opportunity to download the firmware expected based on the latest version of Android Lollipop.

Despite some delays, the manufacturer still produced firmware based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop for its sole smartphone. As promised, the firmware uses as close to a “pure» Android appearance, but here there are a number of functional extensions that have a positive impact on the experience of using OxygenOS. In addition, there is support for fingerprint scanner – a reference to OnePlus Two?

The company focuses on features such as gestures from off screen customization of appearance and function menu quick settings available from the shutter. In addition to the well-known features, there are a set of known problems that prevent developers:

  1. when printing images, the print service may cease to function;

  3. periodically impossible to end the call using the controls on the headset;

  5. OTG only works with the file system FAT32;

  7. if you are upgrading, displaying warning Wi-Fi and data may not be correct;

  9. if you are upgrading, displaying the version number may be wrong;

  11. Files application issues sometimes crash when downloading files in the cloud, when renaming images;

  13. Files application does not support removing files in groups.

All the promises to fix the problem in a short time, but users can certainly help developers find a lot more mistakes, so please refrain from installing the system on the main unit shortly before the reviews.

However, in the unlikely OnePlus made an unsuccessful firmware by definition because the development team have made the creators of another popular firmware, Paranoid Android: co-founders Aaron David Gascon and Dzhizas Gylfi Agudelo, as well as a leading designer Arts et Bhatia. In addition to work on them OxygenOS engaged several world famous Android developers – Carlo Savignano and Hugh Nguyen. Total on the new OS has about fifty people.

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