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As the famous aytishnaya wisdom, system administrators are divided into those who do not make backups, and those who are already doing backups. I think everyone at least once after flashing or failure have to configure your phone / tablet from scratch. But to do so it is not necessary if there is a saved backup. In this article we will look at different types of backups (backup) the contents of Android-devices for all occasions.


Having root on your phone, the average user begins to experiment with the device and puts various modifying the interface, themes, fonts, new kernel firmware, radio and root-application. As a permanent, long-standing and active user forums and 4PDA XDA Developers, I can say that very often ends with a question such experiments with the wording: “The phone does not boot, what should I do?»

Even very carefully read the instructions, you can typo or press the wrong button, and then get bootloop – eternal load your phone with recurring butanimatsiey. In the worst case, you can get a “brick” – the phone does not turn on. This happens very rarely, and, frankly, you really try, for example, to kill the flash memory. Usually what they find “brick” can be successfully recovered by simple manipulations. And backup of us in this very helpful.

The basic functions of backup that will satisfy most casual users, offers itself Google. In the settings of the phone there is a tab “Account”, where you can arrange the necessary checkboxes. After flashing or reset the device to factory settings or activate a new Android phone itself will restore contacts, history and browser tabs Chrome, notes Google Keep, photographs, data applications, calendar events, and so on. In the latest version of Android, you can restore your desktop with all labels and automatically place all previously installed applications.

However, Google can not zabekapit all. System configuration and the applications will be reset, saved passwords (or rather, authentication tokens) will disappear, third-party applications from the supermarkets will not be re-installed. Therefore, we need tools that can save everything. About them and we’ll talk.


Most of the application described in this article require a root and BusyBox.

Backup applications and their data.

I myself stick approach “clean install”. In the transition to the new firmware I find it easier to set up a program from scratch. And the appearance of bugs in this case is reduced to nothing, especially in the transition to the next major version of the firmware. But many users more convenient to save application settings and restore them to the new firmware. This is especially significant for third-party programs that are not in store. Will focus on two of the most popular applications, with millions of downloads.

Titanium Backup

powerful tool backup, restore, freeze and remove applications with their data (including system and pre-installed by the manufacturer). Allows you to configure automatic backup schedule, without closing applications, and to transfer any application on SD-card. You can store different backups single application, save SMS, MMS, call history, browser bookmarks, access point Wi-Fi in the form of XML-file. Can synchronize all backups in Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. With this application is easy to make any custom application system, add encryption, application bind TO MARKET after recovery (for future updates). Convenient function – Set up backup applications and data archive update.zip, which can be sewn from the Recovery Console to restore applications and settings.

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