Monday, April 20, 2015

CyanogenMod 12.1 brings Android 5.1 to the masses – 3DNews

So far, an official update to Android 5.1 yet received only a few devices, but those who use “of Custom” firmware CyanogenMod, to appreciate the new version of the operating system right now, because before it was announced the release of CyanogenMod 12.1. It is based on the most recent to date version of the mobile platform Google, and its installation is done on top of the already existing CyanogenMod 12.

It is important to note that all members of her party applications, if necessary, the user will have to be updated manually, that may result in difficulties, because surely not all developers have managed to ensure the compatibility of their software with Android 5.1. This limitation is due to the fact that the assembly has published a so-called status of the night and does not guarantee one hundred percent performance of certain functions of the smartphone. Thus, if you do not like to experiment with your gadget, you should wait for the final release – most likely, it will not take long.

Cyanogen also clarified details of its recent agreement with Microsoft, under which Cyanogen OS will be available with “stitched” in his application of the Redmond software giant. The company explained that this agreement applies only to the above-named modified commercial operating system and firmware CyanogenMod preinstalled Microsoft software will not appear. If you prefer, as before, the user can download and install it yourself.


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