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The European Commission has opened an investigation against Android – Mail.Ru

The European Commission after three years of close study of the most popular mobile OS in the world of Android, opened a case on violation of antimonopoly legislation in respect of Google. We are talking about regular applications of the search giant, which, according to competitors, give Google an unfair advantage.

« The investigation will focus on whether Google has entered into anti-competitive agreements or abuse the dominant position in the field of operating systems, applications and services for smart mobile devices », – said in a statement to the Commission. The reason for the start of the official investigation were the two complaints, as well as a preliminary investigation initiated by the Commission on its own initiative.

The investigation will focus on three main areas:


1) whether the unlawful infringement on the part of Google development and market access for competing mobile applications or services through simulation or demand from manufacturers to install their own applications or services;


2) Does Google let the manufacturers who produce devices with its services and OS release other gadgets with alternative assemblies Android, thereby preventing the development and market access for competing operating systems, mobile applications and services;


3) Do let Google competitors by tying or distributing some applications and services for Google Android-devices sets, combined with other applications, services and / or software interfaces Google.


Destinations investigation did not arise out of nowhere – the last time Google is increasingly adapting Android (product open source) for their services, thus improving the integration of services and proprietary OS, resulting in a lack of access to a number of new features for alternative assemblies, such as Amazon or MIUI. Members of the OHA (Open Headset Alliance) – which includes, including, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Asus, Huawei – forbidden to produce gadgets to alternative assemblies Android.

In a statement, Google refers to the fact that only using the principles of an open platform can be implemented boom of smartphones, as happened in later. In this case, Google constantly reminds us that modern “smart” gadgets constantly not getting cheaper, and «Android was a key player in stimulating».

Google is appealing to the presence of Play Store, where users can get any interests of their application, including competitive products. Regarding partnerships, Google says that they are voluntary, and each manufacturer alone decides whether it will use the Android Google services with or without them.

In addition, the search giant recalls that in the Android services are useful programs, similar in many respects to those on competing platforms, and the right to install other software remains with the producer. Among other things, the search giant says Samsung GALAXY S6 as an excellent example of the fact that manufacturers pre-install software and competitors on their gadgets beside the applications from Google. «We look forward to the opportunity to discuss these issues in more detail with the European Commission», – is the official statement.

The German market

Along with the proceedings for Android European Commission initiated an investigation on Google a monopoly position in the search market and non-competitive measures against the stake. The company faces the largest fine in history – 10% of the annual salary, which is about $ 6 billion.


Google faces a fine of 6 billion. Dollars


Among the claims listed understatement ranking in search results of competing services. Google also points to the market situation, stressing that its successful solutions win the competition, but, for example, price comparison service has not affected the business of the same Amazon. In addition, among the examples given steady growth of services on search and ticket (in the chart above), despite the emergence of search options directly from the query string.

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