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“Savings line” for Android: new breakthrough – RIA Novosti

application overview of Sberbank of Russia

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The long-awaited event for the owners of smartphones on the platform Android: March 17 became available to new mobile application “Savings line”.

Updates and secure

The new mobile service is the first online banking application provided with Antivirus, making it a truly unique from all analogues on the market.

When you first install the application will scan the phone for viruses, finds all the vulnerabilities and removes viruses. In the future, the program monitors the installation of suspicious software and informs the user about the questionable applications.

Customers Savings Bank – modern banking services to users who are accustomed to remote services, such as SMS-service “Mobile Banking” and online bank “Sberbank Online “, allowing to make payments and transfers quickly, simply and easily.

The owners of smartphones based on Android OS account for a significant proportion of users of mobile banking services in previous versions of mobile applications for banking operations Android users had to create payment templates and confirm them in the bank. Now pay a lot of variety of services can not fill their details.

Users can: Transfer funds between your accounts and other clients of Sberbank, the opening of online deposits, payment of mobile communication without the commission and other convenient mobile banking services. in the updated version of the application is possible at any time to know the status of accounts, to obtain data on recent transactions, loans and deposits.

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Review of the application of Sberbank of Russia

To free make payments and transfers to users of smartphones based on Android devices only need to download the updated application for Android (link Google Play Market) and register your device, follow the simple instructions.

Registration will take a few minutes: the launch of a new application, you must enter login that is used when working with “Savings line”.

Next, the bank will receive SMS-message with the information required to confirm the registration of your device.

working password will be the five-digit code must be entered when the application starts. These five numbers chosen by the user.

pocket, but a full-fledged

With the new mobile application “Sberbank Online” smartphone – complete and reliable ally in financial affairs.

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Review of the application of Sberbank of Russia

Application will not only easy to pay for utility services, Internet service providers and mobile operators, but also to quickly check for traffic police fines, to make payment for parking, as well as track and repay the debt on taxes.

© Photo: Courtesy of Sberbank

Review of the application of Sberbank of Russia

To example, to pay for the internet, you need to select the type of payment from the list – “Internet – and TV.” The application displays the current list of Internet service providers, and you will specify the payee.

To make a payment for an apartment in the select list of payments “Housing and home phone number” and enter the code payer EIRTS.

Mobile applications also allow you to find information about available tax arrears – to get these data can be on the taxpayer’s VAT number or index the document.

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Review of the application of Sberbank of Russia

The application will offer to repay debts, if any, and it can be done in almost one click.

As is easy to verify the presence of traffic police fines – you need to enter the license number and the number of the certificate of registration of the vehicle.

If there are written out inspecting officer summonses, fines can be paid from your smartphone, literally without leaving the venue with the traffic police.

The application also provides the ability to transfer funds to the card relatives, regardless of whether the recipient customer payments Sberbank. On the map of the Savings Bank funds can be transferred by means of a telephone number – of course, if the recipient is connected SMS service “Mobile Banking”.

Transfer of funds to the accounts of other Russian banks also did not take long – will offer to fill a simple application and understandable form, and the transfer will be done.

Smart and motivational

The application is equipped with a function control of your personal finances, analyze costs, predicts the surplus at the end of the month.

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Review of the application of Sberbank of Russia

You you can try yourself as an investor: Your new application will allow to open and increase contributions to buy the currency, and even invest in precious metals. You also always available current exchange rates and precious metals quotes.

The mobile application allows you to create financial goals – whether it’s saving for a long-awaited vacation or repair, new car, or a prestigious education, and save money on a savings account.

© Photo: Courtesy of Sberbank

Review of the application of Sberbank of Russia

Application will also keep track of what you spend your money, and show in the form of a diagram the share of expenditures for housing services, supermarkets, cafes, and other daily expenses.

At the same time, new applications are available 18 thousand branches and 70 thousand units Self – using the application finds the closest offices, ATMs and terminals on the map.

It is important that the application itself will complete a session with the bank, if you forget to do it. The next time you need to enter your five-digit numeric code.

JSC “Sberbank of Russia”. General license of the Bank of Russia for banking operations № 1481 from 08.08.2012.



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