Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rumor: Windows 10 will support Android-app – BBC News

The company Microsoft is going to build in support for Android-applications in the upcoming operating system Windows. The fact that on Windows-based devices, including PCs, smartphones and tablets, you can run programs written for the platform Google, said the blog’s author and analyst Paul Tarrott.

According to Tarrott, referring to informed sources within the company to support the Android-apps in the “top ten” will be announced at the conference BUILD 2015, which will be held this week in San Francisco. How exactly will this function is unknown. It is possible that Microsoft will have to create a separate store Android-applications within Windows.

Last week, the company has released a test build Windows 10. A test version of the “axis” introduces two new applications: “Mail” (Mail) and “Calendar” (Calendar), corrects errors and makes the user interface more convenient.

It is expected that in the BUILD conference for developers Microsoft will reveal more details about Windows 10 and, quite possibly, has announced the official release date.

Earlier in the company said that the new OS will be released “this summer” once in 190 countries and 111 languages. The exact date of the debut “Ten” was not called. Previously, AMD CEO Lisa Su accidentally let slip that Windows 10 will be released in late July.



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