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Tools of the month. Major Android-application of March – BBC News

In March, for Android-smartphone became available to hundreds of new applications. We have selected the best of them, so you can unlock the potential of their gadgets to complete. In this collection was a universal tuner for musical instruments, three-dimensional analogue Instagram, job search services and other useful applications.


The company “Yandex” has released a mobile application for its service “work.” Now view the job can be done anywhere and at any time. Functional program is not inferior to the main site – the user can search for jobs by title, salary levels, at the right subway station or district.

It is noteworthy that the mobile app facilitates communication with the employer. The user does not have to dial the number manually, simply press the “call”. At the same time, the program will bring to the log numbers that you have already called. This helps avoid confusion. You can save your favorite job and view them even without internet access. The application interface does not possess the visual delights, but it is simple and intuitive.

“Yandeks.Rabota” available for free download in Google Play.

Motion Tennis Cast

A new game from the studio Rolocule makes Android-smartphone into a virtual tennis racket, allowing to implement a similar console Nintendo Wii “Sports” gameplay. Unusual application runs in a browser or on a TV using a set-top box Chromecast.

In fact, the game turns your smartphone into an analog controller consoles Nintendo Wii. The gameplay is very simple – you need to keep your smartphone in your hand and wave it, beating balls that sends controlled by artificial intelligence opponent. Your character will run independently in the field for the ball – the player only makes strikes.

There are four difficulty levels and multiple game modes. Unfortunately, otsutvuet opportunity to fight with a live opponent. The user can only play against the computer, competing with friends in the number of points. When finished playing the system will not only your game results and number of calories burned. Currently the studio working on the implementation of support hours based on Android Wear. The program is available for free download in Google Play.


This application is a kind of social network, reminiscent of the popular photo service Instagram. However, unlike the latter, published Seene 3D-pictures. Previously, the program was only available on iOS, but two years later, developers still have ported it to Android.

Many saw an interesting calendar with “bulk” picture – such were very popular in the mid-nineties. Seene carries a similar effect on smartphones. The program reads the data from the gyro – as a result, when the user rotates the phone, pictures can be seen from different angles.

In order to create such an image, you need to point the camera at the subject and carefully cut around his phone. Unaccustomed to get can not right the first time, but, ultimately, it’s pretty simple. As for the “social” component, then there Seene very similar to Instagram – a system foloverov, hashtags, likes and comments. The program is available for free download in Google Play.


One of the largest sites and shops dedicated to electronic music – Beatport – issued a formal application for mobile devices. The program allows you to find and listen to dance tracks, view charts, information on known DJs and festivals.

Beatport, owned by SFX Enternainment, came out on two platforms: iOS and Android. Access to an extensive collection of music and playlists available free of charge. In the US, the company cooperates with the operator T-Mobile in the framework of the Music Freedom, under which streaming songs is not charged.

Unlike Spotify or Pandora, Beatport is designed for a specific audience – fans of “DJ” music. In addition, in contrast, the new application users can install from Russia.


This application will help tune your guitar or other musical instrument using a microphone Android-based device. The application has two modes: Stage Mode and Studio Mode. For visual and clear sound settings “scenic” mode uses the entire screen of Android-smartphone – so you can see well at a distance and in low light conditions.

is set to” studio “mode, the musician can tune your guitar, visually observing the change in wavelength. Curve flats (reduction of sound) will shift to the left, and Sharp (increase) – to the right. In the settings menu, you can calibrate UltraTuner note la (A notation in the English system), set the type of temperament, as well as a key sign to monitor and adjust the sensitivity of the sound (which can be raised and lowered to six and a half steps).

tuning can be used as a built-in microphone, and analog / digital audio interfaces for Android-devices, such as iRig, iRig HD-A, iRig STOMP, iRig Mic and others. UltraTuner – paid app, and very expensive. You can download it for 169 rubles.

Savings Online

Android-version of the mobile application “Savings line” has long been inferior to peers for iPhone and Windows Phone. Now the backlog is eliminated – the new version of Android-app “Savings line” you can make any of the available clients “Savings Bank” payments and transfers. In addition, developers have found a way to fully protect the application from all known digital threats. How does the latest version of the program, which is finally not inferior to the capabilities of the application for the “iPhone”, read a detailed review Vestey.Hi-tech.


In Google Play published a new application Ampere, which will help to find out why the Android-smartphone started so slowly charged. The reason may be a fault in the USB-cable or AC adapter. To learn how the application works and with making devices compatible, you can read our review.



C recently Gmail app supports third-party e-mail services. But in order to read messages from other boxes, each time the user had to switch between them. The new version of the program facilitates this process.

In the application there was a single folder “Inbox”, which displays all messages at once – that is, the user can read in one place messages that arrive at different mailboxes. Gmail also learned in the group chain messages that arrive at a third-party accounts. Moreover, the system has been refined search letters that will help you easily navigate the array of correspondence.

Among the other changes can be noted the increased size of the thumbnails to view attachments, the ability to attach files directly from the Drive. Google also has made a slight improvement in the design of the program. An updated version of the application should appear in Google Play in the coming days.


One of the most popular applications – notes manager was updated in March, appears in the” material “design. Developers honed animation, add shadows and depth. Application has become more “flat”, and the interface – more minimalistic. The new design is intended to make use of applications more intuitive and easier to navigate.

Browse Svyatoslav Leontiev prepared with the participation of Oleg Ilyukhin and Nicholas Belkin


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