Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Microsoft will allow to transfer to Windows 10 program for Android and iOS –

Microsoft has announced new ways to launch applications for the platform Windows 10. This was at the opening of the conference for developers of Build 2015, said vice president of Microsoft operating systems, Terry Myerson.

«With Windows 10 you can with small modifications to use the code of your web applications, .NET code and Win32, as well as codes of Java / C ++ (used for creating Android-applications – note. “Heathcliff!» ) and Objective C (used for creating iOS-applications – note. “Heathcliff!» ) », – said Myerson.

Simply move the application code to the Windows platform will allow the four respective block of tools for developers (SDK). Software developers will be able to download the existing code in Visual Studio, to integrate it with the capabilities of Windows and modify the platform to meet the requirements, and then distribute the application through the Windows Store.

For developers, this means that the source code for Android or iOS- applications do not have to rewrite “from scratch”, the logic of the program will be almost entirely carried on Windows. The interface, however, the need to create separately.


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