Thursday, January 7, 2016

Use the phone or Android tablet instead of a mouse, keyboard, and gamepad –

After the successful adaptation of the gamepad as a mouse, I realized. It’s time to think above, bigger … touch! My dislike for smartphones, and the warm, cozy feeling to the touch-based phones is on the touch screen, but it is impossible not to note a wide range of opportunities associated with them. In fact, the display device is an ordinary budget touchpad that can be used in various fields. At a minimum, the mouse and keyboard is able to replace it, and sometimes also a gamepad. The main thing – to be able to connect a PC and a smartphone, than I am in this article and I will deal with.

 So, my dear detishechki for subsequent experiments, you will need:

 - A computer with Wi-Fi receiver, 1 TCS,

 - Smartphone running Android, 1 TCS,

 - Available Wi-Fi network, 1 TCS,

 - Cable USB / Micro-USB, 1 TCS,

 - Account to Google Play, 1 TCS,

 - 1 minute of free time, up to 30 TCS,

 - Administrator rights on the computer, 1 TCS,

 - Driver on the PC to find your smartphone ShTK 1

99% of the applications, allowing the use of a smartphone with the PC as a peripheral device, works as follows. There is an application on Android, a program server / driver for the computer, and there is a way to connect the PC to a handheld device. 1% are applications such as USB Keyboard from pelya, which requires the user to the presence of root, installation, uh, of a custom kernel, and supports the strength of the two dozen devices. But the smartphone starts to support Plug & amp; Play. We, ordinary users do not climb into a forbidden magic, and 99% prefer. I personally consider two applications that train running on my devices.

General Instruction is – install the software on your smartphone, looking on Google Play link to her site, download from there the server, install the server and firewood, if necessary. Next – we run the program and on the smartphone and the PC connections and use. Details will refine the course.

 The first – Mouse & amp; Keyboard Remote from Steppschuh. The app is free, but periodically displays advertisements. After downloading the application on your phone and a server on the PC, as well as the launch client for Android without any difficulty found my computer is on a shared network W-Fi. With the mouse, the keyboard works well, the cursor on the display PC noticeable slight delay, text input is supported by the current version of Aunt Clara on Android. It also supports voice input.

 A separate application Remote Control Collection comes from the same developer. In fact, it’s a little amended version Mouse & amp; Keyboard Remote, looking over azure and maintaining a certain amount of clean computer shortcuts, a la Zoom, F1-F12, the basic commands to work with the text, as well as turning off the PC.

 Other functions of the program such as working with presentations and media player available for finance. Total, we have a functioning program, which has only two drawbacks – the inability to work and the lack of a USB wheel mouse on the screen. However, the latter is partially solved due to shortcuts.

 The second application is from DroidPad Digitalsquid. Free, open source. It supports three modes of operation – a mouse, a joystick and control panel presentations. Being a geek program, DroidPad not as user friendly, but offers more features. For example, to control the cursor on the PC in three ways – pointing your smartphone at a certain area of ​​the screen by tilting the device at a certain angle and, in fact, using the screen as a touchpad.

 Wireless (Wi-Fi) require the installation of the first connection to your smartphone and scan more of QR-codes, with just the one that will offer the program. Not the most profitable option, but it works. And the security check is needed only once. The compound of the USB-cable does not require such action. Paste, connected through a program on your PC – and enjoy! Yes, do not forget to run it. Well, the program on the PC.

 Mouse in DroidPad supports left / right button and wheel, and even clicking on it! In gamepad settings even more – eight pieces in all. And yes, they work as expected in the Windows device is determined completely, the axis is calibrated, adjusted settings. In the box presentation is the eight most relevant keys, such as next and previous slide, beginning, end, and so on.

 Sin is to ignore and Air HID – primitive, but it is a working application that replaces the mouse and keyboard. I mention it only because there is a full-size keyboard, but perfect English. Yes, no Russian keyboard layout. But there is a fix for pressing the right and left buttons for rodent. The function is simple, but surprisingly rare.

The result? DroidPad – my personal choice, if you want to have a mouse. To replace the keyboard recommend Remote Control Collection. Air HID – Fort Inglish spiking PEOPLE ONLY.


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