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Five security issues management device based on Android – securitylab

The fragmentation complicates the management of devices based on Android, but the new tools can help system administrators improve security.

Despite the fact that Android is still the most popular mobile operating system, is growing steady stream of challenges to its security.

However, it is worth noting that Android has made huge strides in improving security. Technologies such as full disk encryption, limited profiles, improved authentication definitely improve the management of the device based on Android. However, it should pay particular attention to is still potential pitfalls.

Let’s look at the main security issues Android.


The biggest Android is a problem of diversity of devices. As the operating system is open source, Android has a wide range of modified versions that are implemented on a significant number of devices. This provision is actually a nightmare for support services, and for the security services.

The solution defragmentation is to limit the number of allowed devices and operating system versions. This approach will simplify the management of IT devices based on Android and their safety.


Absolute safety does not exist. And it is necessary to accept.

One of the most effective solutions to the problem of viruses, worms and other malicious software – Control use mobile application that can prevent infection. Despite the fact that there are many anti-virus applications, yet IT specialists to scrutinize them before you begin deployment.

The choice of management tool

Mobility management companies (EMM) will help you improve the security of devices Android, their applications and identity management.

The behavior of users

Recommendations users comply with a simple policy, given the rules of conduct to help solve many problems of safety devices based on Android. However, it should be understood that even if a user no longer follow these recommendations, the result may be the collapse of the security of the entire enterprise.

The biggest problem – to the application. Quite often Android applications have access to a significant amount of data, despite the fact that the real work such access is not necessary. Today, application management and mobile content is critical.


It is crucial to be able to share a single device to separate the working part and the user. Today, despite all the assurances of the safety of open source Android, safety devices running this operating system still leaves much to be desired.

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