Monday, January 18, 2016

Top Android-shell 2015. Selecting ZOOM –

To begin, of course, the easiest launcher. Since not all of us have the gadgets with two or three gigabytes of RAM, we sometimes want to humble gigabyte tablet worked quickly.

In this category winners were selected among Solo Launcher, Google Launcher (oddly enough, the default competed on equal terms) and FTL Launcher Lite. If about the last you have not heard, this is not surprising: it is a very little-known application.

Solo Launcher

In this competition certainly beats Solo Launcher, subjectively was the fastest in the test tablet Google Nexus 7, 2013. The model, as you can see, is not new, but it is well-proven; However, the proposed update to the fifth Android tablet inhibits the weak 1 gigabyte of RAM is absolutely obscene. Therefore launcher with a fast interface will be very useful: Google Launcher, and as such is clearly not even remotely.

FTL Launcher lost, because in view of the uncertainty could not boast of frequent updates and generally conceived interface and functionality. He was slower Solo, so the winner was left alone.

FTL Launcher Lite

Pro Solo is not to say that he superkrasivy interface (it is quite Standard with light cosmetic changes), but he is fast – and it’s been noted by many observers. He puts a slight cosmetic changes to the interface Launcher, but it is clearly faster than on a daily basis. Plus, it has a complete cleaner memory that gently pull out what you want, but not everything, as many.

ZERO Launcher

The second place claimed by a ZERO Launcher. But as he released only two months ago, is now difficult to say anything definite.


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