Monday, January 11, 2016

Apple is going to ease the transition from iOS to Android – BBC

11.01.2016, 13:56

The company Apple is working on a tool that will make the transition easier for the users to the platform Android, according to The Telegraph .

The decision was made after repeated attacks on the company by European mobile operators. According to sources, Apple has agreed to such a move in private, the official announcement of the company did not.

Mobile operators are concerned that users do not go to the Apple devices to devices running Android because of technical difficulties in the transfer of sensitive data and the fear of losing them. This, in their view, and allows Apple to hold a dominant position on the market.

For a company such a decision would violate one of the covenants of Steve Jobs, who said that the need to work hard to “keep users within our ecosystem ».

In June, Apple introduced application Move to iOS, which allows you to transfer data from Android-based device on the iPhone.

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