Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Facebook is looking for ways to live on Android without Google – (Registration) (Blog)

Company « Facebook” develops a way to install applications “Android”, reports The Information referring to its sources. According to them, , This is done in case the , if “Facebook” a conflict with Google , which controls the main store applications for mobile OS – Google Play.

Applications « Facebook” for « Android” also enjoy other functions , that supports Google : push messages , collection of payments and update applications. All this « Feybuk” is going to do himself. According to sources , the company is already testing various ways to install applications not from Google Play.

The Information also spoke about the , that « Facebook” negotiated in 2015 with the manufacturers of phones “Android” but without a predefined services of Google. The subject of the talks was possible preset different applications « Facebook” on the phone. The company is also considering the option of providing various services to application developers – including , making payments and protection from hacking. According to the edition of , speech about creating your own app store does not go.

Earlier, « Facebook “has more than once tried to get rid of Google services on Android. Including the company tried to release their handsets in partnership with a Chinese equipment manufacturer HTC. In 2011 the company released a model called Chacha , in 2013. First. Both have failed to sell.
 htc-chacha110302135147 [1]

HTC Chacha

In 2013 the company introduced a launcher for « Android “called Facebook Home. He got on a limited number of smart phones , including the HTC First.

Home screen Facebook Home

Now « Facebook” owns neskolkomi dozens of applications for « Android.” In addition to the application for the social network company controls messengers WhatsApp and Messenger , photoappendices Instagram , as well as various monoprilozheniya and extensions to their social networks.

Cases , cleaned when Google Apps from Google Play for economic reasons, , already happened. In December 2014, Google banned Amazon official application because the , that Amazon has been in the application its own independent application store. 8 months later, Amazon returned to the application and is now spreading it on the official website.


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