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Browse android-smartphone Wileyfox Storm: Fly or premium version available OnePlus? – Overclockers.ru

Device Type

Wileyfox Storm

Qualcomm Snapdragon 615,
> Octa core 1.11 GHz 1.46 GHz +

The video
Adreno 405

Operating System
Android 5.1.1

Memory GB
3 RAM; 32 ROM

5.5 IPS, 1920 x 1080 resolution

cameras, megapixel
20.7 + 8.0


The number of SIM-cards, pieces.

Support MicroSD

Wi-Fi; Bluetooth


Battery mAh

Dimensions in mm
155.6 x 76.9 x 9.1

Weight, g

Price, rub.
~ 14 000

So, we have the machine with interesting features and a very interesting money.

450x412 21 KB. Big one: 600x549 31 KB

For the price of a budget model can buy a smartphone with 3GB RAM and a 20.7 megapixel camera Sony. Do not lag and other characteristics. But whether Wileyfox Storm justify our expectations in practice? We learn in this review.

Packaging equipment Wileyfox Storm

Wileyfox Smartphone comes in a small box. It is made of high quality cardboard with soft-touch coating and framed in fiery orange color. Most likely, the colors chosen as a reference to the fox mentioned in the title of the brand.

The cover closes the main duct with virtually all sides, advancing side. Do not be closed, only one short end, which, coupled with a cut lid increases the ease of opening. The front side features the logo of the brand name. At the ends it mentioned that the device works on firmware Cyanogen, and given the address of the official site.

450x335 10 KB. Big one: 1344x1000 361 KB

The reverse side has received factory seal, as well as several certification including label PCT. In addition, there is a firm seal – completely open the package will fail.

450x361 15 KB. Big one: 1248x1000 402 KB

Inside the box in the first place we will not meet the unit itself as all have become accustomed. It is covered with a translucent material, representing a cross between paper and plastic. It marked the manufacturer’s logo.

450x346 12 KB. Big one: 1302x1000 344 KB

After removal of the cover can reach the smartphone itself, which is provided with an additional protective film on the display and firmly fixed in its place a soft frame. Due to strong box does not have to worry about the safety of the device during transportation.

450x369 16 KB. Big one: 1221x1000 392 KB

The following is a cardboard lid we find a very modest package. But the quality of packaging and performance is not satisfactory.

450x376 17 KB. Big one: 1198x1000 409 KB

microUSB cable made “lapshevidnym” he rewound and It recorded a special collar and is packaged in a separate bag. In a separate envelope is the documentation.

450x240 8 KB. Big one: 1500x801 245 KB

The package includes:

  • cable USB – microUSB;

  • Clip for mounting card;

  • Technical Documentation.

Packing Wileyfox Storm left the most positive impression. Despite the budget segment unit, we take care of high-quality materials. Although special design refinements to see it does not, it’s not bad compensated well selected colors.


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