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Perhaps, many gamers have spent the lion’s share of his playing life of this prefix. Yes, it is a favorite in many Sega. But time goes by, the trends are changing, and the thrill of the modern games every year dimmer. So sometimes you want to go back in time, but the desire to buy the console is no longer, but everyone has a smartphone after installation эмулятора consoles it will be possible to play games released for Sega.

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Our review will focus on three interesting programs, and in the end by tradition, we summarize the results of testing. Let’s start with the application GENPlusDroid – a hit the past, what with him now? AndroGens – a classic of the genre, plain and simple emulator Segui. Well, the third party is an advanced program called MD.emu.

As the test equipment used tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (CM 12.1 on the basis of OC Android 5.1, the runtime ART, processor TI OMAP 4430 2 x 1200 MHz videosoprotsessor PowerVR 540 384 MHz, 1 GB RAM ) and smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note (Miui V7 at OC Android 4.4.2, the runtime Dalvik, processor MediaTek MT6592, an 8 x 1700 MHz, videosoprotsessor Mali-450 MP4 700MHz, 2GB RAM).



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We will start with a review of the “veteran” – Sega emulator called GENPlusDroid. The program came back in 2009 and for several years does not develop in any way. I wonder what happened to hit past years, and he is relevant now?


Features emulator:

  • Compatible with 99.9% of the games;

  • Customizable buttons on the screen (size and position);

  • Easy to use GUI;

  • Save progress in games;

  • Optimized code for energy conservation;

  • Full support for physical controllers;

  • Support for shortcuts in the Xperia Play.

Getting Started


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Menu program performed spartan, very simple and tasteless. On the main screen there are several shortcuts GENPlusDroid – Download Rom, continued, setup information and exit. In the background is used poor-quality logo and applications …

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But we will not be judged by appearance, give the same run any game. To do this, select it in the built-in file manager. By the way, a separate menu with the available games there, which is very inconvenient. But decompress files with games not necessary – everything is open.

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We proceed directly to the games. Unfold it to full screen, of course, in a ratio of 4: 3, you can not stretch the image. Also appear on the screen the standard controls. To complement the acceleration is the key gameplay – very convenient and useful feature. But much more interesting function return time. For example, missed or lost bonus – no need to go through the whole level again, you can simply go back in time a few seconds ago. Activate this feature in the settings you need, then you will see the corresponding key.

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During the game, causing a sub-menu, you can make a saving, to move to the settings, restart the game or even start another game. Again, this menu looks as simple as possible, in the style of OC Android 2.1. The benefit of advertising in the emulator is not – though it pleases.



253x449 32 KB. Big one: 720x1280 100 KB  253x449 36 KB. Big one: 720x1280 116 KB


In the settings GENPlusDroid can set the number of dropped frames, include auto save, the acceleration of the gameplay, the return time ago and so-forth. Correct management of keys and positioned in accordance with our ergonomic features.



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In principle, the emulator is simple and some complex functions are not allowed. Therefore, it is working with no problems.

But with some games problemki there. For example, in some games, graphics colorful enough, and some have problems with sound. Since the second problem can be overcome by selecting a different audio quality settings, but the graphics and artifacts can not be helped.

Title игры

Mortal Combat 3

Comix Zone

Tiny Toon


Well, the old man still in GENPlusDroid. The former leader-lost its shape and nothing to learn, but he is still able to do their job – to run the game. Yes, is not without problems and missteps.

Fortunately the application has interesting features, such as the return time, the acceleration of the gameplay, and there is no advertising. Only one conclusion – you can use, but something special should not count.

 245x245 71 KB

Skachat GENPlusDroid
for android-devices from Google Play


Developer Halsafar.
Cost Free.
Requirements For OC Android 2.1 and later.

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