Monday, January 11, 2016

Apple says the app to escape from iPhone to Android –

Migration to Android

Apple is developing a tool that will allow iPhone owners to pass easily on Android-smartphone. He will be transferred from one device to another, contacts, music, photos and other data, reports Telegraph referring to a top manager of one of the players in the telecommunications market.

Recall that in September 2015, Apple released the application, designed to move data from Android-smartphone on the iPhone

The pressure from the operator

Apple has to create a tool to migrate in the opposite direction would not if it has not started to put pressure European operators. Ultimately, the company agreed, but her decision has not been made public. Telecommunication companies have turned to Apple, pointing to the difficulties that subscribers encounter when changing platform. For this reason, many are not even associated with this procedure.

However, the operators are interested in the availability of a new tool, not because they are concerned for the convenience of users. The fact that it will help them to be more assertive in negotiations with Apple’s cooperation, as subscribers will not be tied to the iOS platform as much as before.

If the new tool will be released, it would mean capitulation to Apple’s own standards. Earlier, former CEO of Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) said that Apple will try to keep customers in their ecosystem by all means.

Warning by regulators

In 2013, European regulators suspected Apple’s blackmail operators to conclude profitable contracts and asked her to tell the operator about it. The latter do not provide any evidence, and the investigation against Apple had stopped.


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